My Oracle Support Patch and Update screen has been enhanced with a new tool called Patch Conflict Checker.


The Patch Conflict Checker Tool enables you to upload an OPatch inventory and checks whether the selected patches conflict with those already applied to your environment.

  • If the tool finds "no conflicts", you can safely download the selected patches.
  • If conflicts are detected by the tool, the tool will then locate existing resolutions for you to download.
  • If no resolution is found, the tool offers you to request a new resolution and you can monitor the availability of the new patch conflict resolution in the Plans and Patch Request region.



The Patch Conflict Checker Tool is available from the Search Results screen



as well as via the Patch Detail screen, which automatically opens when you click on a patch number from within a knowledge document or when you click on the patch name from the patch search results view.



Learn about the My Oracle Support Conflict Checker Tool by viewing the 6 minute video


For further information refer to

  • Document 1091294.1 How to Use the My Oracle Support Conflict Checker Tool for Patches Installed with OPatch