Let's start by asking what a community is. In the context of My Oracle Support Communities, I'd say it is a group of people who have the same interests, in our case an interest in Oracle Database product areas and features.


When people who share the same interest or passion come together, very soon lively discussions and dialogues start about newest features, offering tips on how to improve things, sharing ideas on how to approach a situation, asking for help with a tricky issue and the list goes on ....


Isn't this a great way to exchange information with peers, help each other and even better getting credit for it in form of points and badges?


Let's make the My Oracle Support Database community a great place for all of us - Big Thank you! to all participants, both customers and Oracle staff !


As a start, below are the top 3 most viewed threads from June for a handful of selected communities.

But there is much more to explore and a lot more Oracle Database communities across all the database areas. See for yourself - go ahead and start exploring the My Oracle Support Oracle Database Communities.


Database - RAC/Scalability (MOSC)


High Availability Data Guard (MOSC)


Storage Management (ASM ACFS DNFS ODM) (MOSC)


GoldenGate, Streams and Distributed Database (MOSC)