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Surely, we've all been in a situation planning to apply a patch to the Database environment and it turned out that the patch conflicts with a patch that is already applied to the environment?


Well, good news - read the feature article Resolving patch conflicts with My Oracle Support Conflict Checker in Database Support News to find out how My Oracle Support Conflict Checker enables you to upload an OPatch inventory and then checks whether the selected patches conflict with those already applied to your environment:


  • If the tool finds "no conflicts", you can safely download the selected patches.
  • If conflicts are detected by the tool, the tool will then locate existing resolutions for you to download.
  • If no resolution is found, the tool offers you to request a new resolution and you can monitor the availability of the new patch conflict resolution in the Plans and Patch Request region.


For detailed information including demos of My Oracle Support Conflict Checker please review the recording  and/or  download the presentation of the Advisor Webcast - How to resolve patch conflicts with MOS Conflict Checker?



Download links can also be  found in document


    Document 1456176.1 Oracle Database Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive recordings


Ask question and join the conversation in the related  Q&A community thread

Updated: 16th September 2015


Starting with the release of Oracle Database, Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) has been released and is available for download from


For further information refer to




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