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There have been some interesting announcements, updates and presentations during this year's OpenWorld 2015 in San Francisco. Check out the highlights and references outlined below related to Oracle Database.


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Keynotes are available as full length replays and 2-3 minutes overview highlights from Oracle Openworld 2015: On Demand Videos

  • Integrated Cloud: Application and Platform Services - Larry Ellison
  • Vision 2025: Digital Transformation in the Cloud - Mark Hurd
  • Design Tech High School & Gender Diversity - Safra Catz
  • Oracle Software Innovations - Thomas Kurian
  • The Secure Cloud - Larry Ellison


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Support Sessions


Conference Id
Deploying a Private Cloud with the Oracle Cloud Platform: Customer Case StudyCON1980Join this session to learn how a large Dutch government organization implemented a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution on Oracle engineered systems including multiple Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Database Appliance, and Oracle’s ZFS systems. In parallel, this organization reduced IT resource requirements by relying on Oracle for the operational management of the installed infrastructure and Oracle software (Oracle Database 12c and Oracle’s middleware solutions).
Deploying a Private Cloud with Oracle Engineered Systems: Lessons from the TrenchesCON2656The private cloud is becoming the preferred deployment model for mission-critical applications. This session provides business and technical insight into some of the pragmatic considerations, key operational issues, integration strategies, and deployment options to make the transition to cloud successful. Hear how enterprises can couple adoption of the cloud with DevOps to double up on the benefits. Also included are customer case studies and lessons learned from large deployments.
Best Practices: SQL Tuning Made Easier with SQLTXPLAINCON8662SQL tuning can be a daunting task. Too many things affect the cost-based optimizer (CBO) when you’re deciding on an execution plan. CBO statistics, parameters, bind variables, peeked values, histograms, and more are common contributors. The list of areas to analyze keeps growing. Oracle has been using SQLTXPLAIN (SQLT) as part of a systematic way to collect the information pertinent to a poorly performing SQL statement and its environment. With a consistent view of this environment, an expert on SQL tuning can perform more diligently, focusing on the analysis and less on the information gathering. This tool can also be used by experienced DBAs to make their life easier when it comes to SQL tuning. Learn more in this session.
Best Practices for Maintaining Your Oracle Real Application ClustersCON8663You chose Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) to help your organization deliver superior business results. Now learn how to further enhance the availability, scalability, and performance of Oracle RAC by staying on top of the latest success factors and best practices developed by Oracle RAC experts. In this session, Oracle experts discuss proven best practices to help you work more efficiently, upgrade more easily, and avoid unforeseen incidents. Topics include how to keep Oracle RAC in check and simplify diagnostic collection.
Oracle Database 12c Upgrade: Tools and Best Practices from Oracle SupportCON8664You've heard about Oracle Database 12c and its new capabilities. Now join this session to hear from Oracle experts about all the great tools and resources Oracle offers to help you upgrade to Oracle Database 12c efficiently and effectively. Session presenters from Oracle Support bring years of database experience and share recent lessons learned from Oracle Database 12c upgrades at companies of all sizes worldwide. You are sure to leave with valuable information that will help you plan and execute your upgrade. And most of the tools and resources discussed are available to current customers at no additional cost through their standard product support coverage.
Performance Analysis Using Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session HistoryCON8667The Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History features in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c are two powerful tools for performance analysis that can quickly identify and confirm performance problems with Oracle Database. Join us for this session to hear about real case studies from Oracle experts. Learn how these tools, along with the DB Time model, can help you avoid wasting time guessing the causes of your database performance issues. If you are not familiar with Automatic Workload Repository and Active Session History features, this is a don’t-miss session.
Best Practices for Supporting and Maintaining Oracle ExadataCON8670Join this session to discover best practices for maintaining and supporting Oracle Exadata. Experts from Oracle Support are joined by customer representatives from Intel, Sherwin-Williams, and Travelers to share successes and provide actionable recommendations to maximize system availability and drive operating efficiencies. Attendees hear how to take full advantage of Oracle Platinum Services, a special entitlement for qualifying engineered systems.
Best Practices for Maintaining and Supporting Oracle Enterprise ManagerCON8671In this session, learn about best practices, tips, and tools for maintaining and getting the most out of Oracle Enterprise Manager. Experts from Oracle Support offer knowledge gained from working with Oracle customers worldwide. They look at patching, upgrades, issue resolution, and more. Specific topics covered include Oracle Enterprise Manager metrics and health checks, remote diagnostics, communities, and how to receive priority service request handling.
Maximize Your Investment in the Oracle Cloud PlatformCON8716You chose the Oracle Cloud Platform to help your organization deliver superior business results. Now learn how to take full advantage of your Oracle Cloud service with all the great tools and resources you’re entitled to with your subscription. In this session, Oracle experts provide proven best practices to help you realize more value faster from your Oracle Cloud service. New users and cloud experts alike are guaranteed to leave with fresh ideas and practical, easy-to-implement next steps.
Hybrid Cloud Best Practices: Migrating to Public Cloud Platform as a ServiceCON9495Explore the various scenarios in which you can leverage the public cloud to enhance business operations including hybrid development and testing, integration between platform as a service (PaaS) and on-premises applications, and integration between PaaS and software as a service (SaaS). This session discusses migration strategies from an on-premises database and Oracle WebLogic-based applications to public cloud database as a service (DBaaS) and Oracle Java Cloud Service.
Deploying Database as a Service in Private and Hybrid Cloud Models—Best PracticesCON9496Join this session to hear how to rapidly deploy private cloud database as a service (DBaas) for Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database 11g, and get expert tips on how to avoid many of the barriers to a successful implementation. For a hybrid model, hear how to best leverage Oracle Public Cloud platform as a service (PaaS). Get the highlights on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c migration features and Oracle Advanced Customer Support automation tools.
Power Up to Oracle Database 12c: Upgrade Paths for Maximum ValueCON9497Discover the groundbreaking innovations of multitenancy, in-memory performance, and the advanced security features of Oracle Database 12c and how it provides the ideal foundation for cloud readiness. This session covers successful examples of upgrade deployments along the cloud journey, and highlights the benefits of Oracle Database lifecycle management and security best practices.
Protect Your Most Valuable Assets: Up-Level Your Database Security PracticesCON9499Historically, data security has been focused on perimeter security solutions. Protecting the database itself is often overlooked, despite being the second-most vulnerable part of the IT environment. To ensure the safest environment and prepare for any auditing activity, additional layers of security are recommended. Join this session to learn how to further safeguard your Oracle Database regardless of where you may be in your lifecycle, and discover Oracle best practices for database review and hardening and ongoing secure monitoring to help you better respond to potential threats before they happen.
Get Under the Hood with Oracle Exadata MonitoringCON10169In this session, learn how to quickly set up complete monitoring for your Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Our subject matter expert and global technical lead in Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle Exadata support shares knowledge gained from working with customer deployments worldwide. Specific topics covered include common challenges, best practices, and new features to get your complete Oracle Exadata Database Machine stack monitored using Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control.