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New Release ORAchk & EXAchk Now Available


Upgrade to Database 12.2 with confidence

This release includes lots of new checks to help when upgrading the database to 12.2.

These include both pre and post upgrade verification to prevent problems related to:

  • OS configuration
  • Grid Infrastructure & Database patch prerequisites
  • Database configuration
  • Cluster configuration

See the ORAchk or EXAchk Health Check Catalog for more details of new checks.

Improve performance of SQL queries

Many new checks focus on known issues in 12c Optimizer as well as SQL Plan Management.These checks target problems such as:

  • Wrong results returned
  • High memory & CPU usage
  • Errors such as ORA-00600 or ORA-07445
  • Issues with cursor usage
  • Other general SQL plan management problems

Tailor Collection Manager email notifications & control sample data

Collection Manager email notification can now be customized based on one or more business units. Existing users which have notification already configured will receive notification for all business units by default.

It is now possible to delete or reload the sample data which Collection Manager ships with.

Prevent Clusterware related outages and corruptions

The Oracle Cluster Registry subnet records can become stale due to configuration changes. This can lead to various startup problems.

Additionally vulnerability to certain OS bugs can lead to corruption in clustered databases.

This release has checks included to verify network configuration and OS patching.

Guard against Exadata Critical Issues

New checks detect Exadata critical issues.

EXAchk also now verifies readiness to apply PSU on OJVM (Oracle Java Virtual Machine). In addition various other Exadata best practice recommendations have been added.

Find more details in the EXAchk Health Check Catalog.

Avoid a SuperCluster critical issue and storage problems

New checks are now available for a critical issue and storage problems affecting SuperCluster.

These detect vulnerability to a Critical Issue affecting SuperCluster. As well as checks to prevent storage related problems and verification of readiness to apply PSU on OJVM (Oracle Java Virtual Machine).

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