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3 X Faster Performance


ORAchk & EXAchk have been completely rewritten, with a focus on performance and extensibility.

Internal testing results show this version runs up to 3 X faster than Performance is particularly improved on lower resourced environments.


Option to Only Run Checks That Previously Failed


New option allows ORAchk/EXAchk to only run checks that failed previously:


    Generate a health check report

    Fix the issues identified

    Generate another health check report verifying only the issues that failed before


Use the failed checks option by passing in the html report, zip or directory

-failedchecks previous_result


Windows Support Without Requiring Cygwin


As ORAchk has now been rewritten in Python, it no longer has the need for Cygwin on Windows.

ORAchk just needs Python 2.7 software and libraries. The runtime will provide details of exactly what libraries it needs.


Run Multiple Instances at the Same Time


It is now possible to run multiple instances of ORAchk/EXAchk at the same time on the same machine.


As a result of this change the location of the and have now changed and are by default created in the user's home directory.


If you run as non-root, this location change will need to updated in the /etc/sudoers file, for example:


Previous /etc/sudoers entry:

oracle ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/home/oracle/.orachk/


New /etc/sudoers entry:

oracle ALL=(root) NOPASSWD:/home/oracle/


The location of this script can be changed by setting the environment variable RAT_ROOT_SH_DIR

export RAT_ROOT_SH_DIR=/some/other/location


ORAchk support for Grid Infrastructure with no Database


ORAchk now provides support for Grid Infrastructure stand-alone checks, where no database is installed.


To run grid infrastructure checks in an environment with no rdbms installed use the option:



New Oracle Stack Health Checks


As always this release of ORAchk and EXAchk contain many new Oracle Stack Health Checks.


For full details of the new checks see:


   ORAchk Health Check Catalog

   EXAchk Health Check Catalog


The Health Check Catalog is also contained within the download.

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