REST service

Oracle Trace File Analyzer now includes REST support, allowing invocation & query over HTTPS.

To facilitate development and testing this REST support, Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS) is included within the install.

To enable REST, start ORDS: tfactl rest -start.

The standalone ORDS setup feature utilizes file based user authentication and is provided solely for use in test and development environments.

For production use, the included ords.war should be deployed and configured.

REST supports printing details, starting a diagcollect and downloading collections

See the documentation for full API details and examples

Oracle Cluster Health Advisor integration

Oracle Trace File Analyzer now integrates with Oracle cluster Health Advisor and consumes the problem events Oracle Cluster Health Advisor detects.

When Oracle Cluster Health Advisor detects a problem event Oracle Trace File Analyzer will automatically trigger the relevant diagnostic collection and send email notification.

Email notification is configured via the standard Oracle Trace File Analyzer notification process.


The following new SRDCs are now available:

  • ORA-01031 - for ORA-01031 errors
  • ORA-01578 - for ORA-01578 errors
  • ORA-08102 - for ORA-08102 errors
  • ORA-08103 - for ORA-08103 errors
  • dbblockcorruption - for problems showing alert log messages of "Corrupt block relative dba"
  • dbfs - for ASM/DBFS/DNFS/ACFS problems
  • dbpartition - for create/maintain partitioned/subpartitioned table/index problems
  • dbpartitionperf - for slow create/alter/drop commands against partitioned table/index
  • dbsqlperf - for SQL performance problems
  • dbundocorruption - for UNDO corruption problems
  • esexalogic for Exalogic full Exalogs data collection information
  • listener_services - for listener errors : TNS-12516 / TNS-12518 / TNS-12519 / TNS-12520
  • naming_services - for naming service errors: ORA-12154 / ORA-12514 / ORA-12528
  • dbaudit - Standard Information for Database Auditing


  • dbrman600 - for RMAN-00600 error
  • dbrmanperf - for RMAN Performance problems

As with all other SRDCs use tfactl diagcollect -srdc srdc_name.

Use external SMTP server for notifications

To configure the SMTP server that Oracle Trace File Analyzer will use for notifications run tfactl set smtp

You can check the current SMTP configuration details using tfactl print smtp

Once configured you can then verify configuration by sending a test email with tfactl sendmail {email_address}

Metadata search capability

All metadata stored in the Oracle Trace File Analyzer index is now searchable using tfactl search -showdatatypes|-json [json_details].

Searching for all events for a particular database between certain dates can be done like this:

tfactl search -json '{ "data_type":"event", "content":"oracle", "database":"rac11g", "from":"01/20/2017 00:00:00", "to":"12/20/2018 00:00:00" }' 

Listing all index events can be done with: tfactl search -json '{"data_type":"event"}'

Listing all available datatypes can be done with :tfactl search -showdatatypes