New Release Trace File Analyzer 18.3.0  Now Available

Automatic SRDCs

Oracle Trace File Analyzer will now automatically invoke the relevant SRDC when it detects the following events:

  • ORA-00600
  • ORA-04030
  • ORA-04031
  • ORA-07445


  • Add the user Tomcat runs as to the TFA access list tfactl access add -user {tomcat_user}



  • dbsqlperf - for SQL performance problems
  • dbtde - for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) problems
  • emagentperf - for Enterprise Manager Agent performance problems
  • emomscrash - for Enterprise Manager crash problems
  • emomsheap - for Enterprise Manager java heap usage or performance problems
  • emomshungcpu - for Enterprise Manager OMS crash, restart or performance problems

As with all other SRDCs use tfactl diagcollect -srdc srdc_name.

ORAchk automatic start from install

Oracle Trace File Analyzer root installations on Linux or Solaris on non-engineered systems will automatically setup and run the ORAchk daemon.

The daemon will be restarted at 1am every morning, in order to discover any environment changes. A full local ORAchk run will be performed at 2am every morning and a partial run of the most impactful checks will be run every 2 hours via the oratier1 profile.

Any collections older than 2 weeks will automatically be purged.

Once auto start is enabled the daemon settings can be changed as per normal and auto start can be removed any time by using tfactl run orachk -autostop