Upgrading an Oracle Database While Performing A Migration (Cross Platform or Within the Same OS)


This article will explain process of upgrading the database during the migration process. Performing migration and upgrade separately will take considerably long time, but by following correct process you should be able to perform both activities together.


Difference between upgrade and migration

Upgrade refers to the upgrade of the software version, while migration refers to moving the database from one location to another location.(he release version may or may not be changed)


Before performing migration or upgrade, verify the compatibility:

  • Compatibility of upgrade ( using DBUA/manual Method)

Before performing upgrade make sure that you are upgrading to supported version, refer to below document (This applicable to manual or DBUA upgrade)


Database Server Upgrade/Downgrade Compatibility Matrix (Doc ID 551141.1)


  • Compatibility of upgrade ( using Exp/Imp )

For upgrade using exp/imp follow below compatibility matrix:


Compatibility Matrix for Export And Import Between Different Oracle Versions [Video] (Doc ID 132904.1)


  • Compatibility of Migration

Before migrating the database to another OS make sure to verify the Endian compatibility as not all methods support cross platform migration.




Different Method of upgrade

Basically there are two ways of upgrading the database.

  • Running Catupgrd.sql ( Manual or DBUA)


Pre-Upgrade / Pre-Migration steps

Make sure to verify all pre-upgrade check in source Database, Execute Pre-upgrade script from source home as shown below:


This script will perform pre-upgrade check and provide recommendations. Follow all the recommendations/warnings by this script carefully. This will eliminate most of the known issues during upgrade. Also make sure that there is no component in invalid state or there is  no SYS/SYSTEM owned objects in invalid state before performing upgrade. Any invalid components, objects ( Owned by SYS/SYSTEM) can cause issue during upgrade.

Running these steps are often missed during migration, you need to fix existing issues in source database before migration if you will perform upgrade as well.


Different Method of Migration

There are multiple methods of upgrading and migrating database together. Below are some methods:

  • OS or SAN copy
  • RMAN backup and Restore
  • RMAN duplicate with noopen mode.
  • Other methods


Below method describe the different process:


Migration Of An Oracle Database Across OS Platforms (Generic Platform)(Doc ID 733205.1)



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Upgrading an Oracle Database While Performing A Migration (Cross Platform or Within the Same OS)



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