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The new ORAchk release is now available to download.


New Features in ORAchk



Broader Linux Support

ORAchk now includes new support for both Linux on System Z and Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.

Deeper Product Support

ORAchk now supports upgrade checks for, enabling you to do pre and post upgrade checking for Oracle Database to avoid the most common upgrade problems.

ORAchk now supports ASM checks and patch recommendations for single instance databases as well as the already supported RAC instances.

ORAchk can now query details related to the OS resource consumption of different GoldenGate processes, identifying any components using excessive resources. It also identifies if GoldenGate is configured to avoid known performance problems.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Agent support has now been added to the existing support for Enterprise Manager Repository checks. The agent checks now appear in a new “Enterprise Manager” section of the report. With the new EM 12c Agent checks, you will quickly identify common EM Agent configuration mistakes that if undetected can result in poor performance or a failure to run the Agent process.

New Report Section “Findings Needing Further Review”

There are certain things ORAchk can only do a partial check for, where a complete check requires information outside the scope of the machine or that require other customer specific knowledge. These partially identified checks now appear in the new section marked “Findings needing further review”. If you review these checks and verify they are not problematic you can choose to exclude them in the same way as any other checks, see Document 1268927.2 for further details.

Improved Health Score Calculation

The ORAchk Health Score calculation has been improved with version Certain INFO level checks, which only communicate best practice and do not confirm a problem in your environment, no longer deduct points from your health score. This means that if you follow the recommended advice for excluding any non relevant “Findings needing further review” then a health score of 100 is now obtainable.

Over 60 New Health Checks

This release of ORAchk adds new checks for some of the most impactful problems seen to Oracle Customer Support specifically in the areas of:

  • Database performance, install, scalability & ASM
  • Cross stack checks for Oracle Applications running on Solaris & Oracle Hardware
  • Enterprise Manager Agents performance and failure to run
  • Oracle EBS Accounts Payables


For more details and to download the latest release of ORAchk see Document 1268927.2


Japanese Support Blog

Posted by AnkeG-Oracle Mar 5, 2015

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Did you ever encounter the error ORA-00445 Background Process "xxxx" Did Not Start After 120 Seconds?

If so, check out this Database Support News feature article ORA-00445 issues explained and learn


  • What does the error mean?
  • Which files contain details about the error?
  • Potential causes and actions


Ask questions and join conversations regarding this topic in the Database Administration MOS Community.



Updated: 19th October 2015


Extended Support for Database Release 11.2 is now available through December 2020.

Oracle Database 11gR2 (11.2) has entered the Extended Support phase as of 1st February 2015. This would normally mean that an additional Extended Support contract would be required in order to continue to receive bug fixes and proactive security patches. However the Extended Support fee has been waived from February 2015 to end of May 2017  for all customers. Customers do not need to do anything to take advantage of this waiver. Bug fixing and patching will continue as per normal during this period.

For further information please review


As a general recommendation when moving to DB12c, customers should upgrade to the Multitenant architecture as non-CDB architecture is deprecated in Oracle Database 12c, and may be desupported and unavailable in a later Oracle Database release.

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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 7.0 will reach the end of Extended Support end of February 2015 and will move into Sustaining Support.


For further details and information regarding the impact of this transition, please refer to


Join the Gateways, Oracle Lite, Oracle DB Mob. Server, TimesTen (MOSC)  community  to share your thoughts, ask questions  etc.

Want to learn more about Oracle Database 12c Patching New Features

  • Database 12c Queryable Patch Inventory
  • Database 12c Datapatch


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Database 12c Patching New Features: Queryable Patch Inventory and Datapatch


View/download the recording of Oracle Database Advisor Webcast: Oracle Database 12c Patching New Features (select Archived 2014 tab)


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Asad -Oracle

My Oracle Support Patch and Update screen has been enhanced with a new tool called Patch Conflict Checker.


The Patch Conflict Checker Tool enables you to upload an OPatch inventory and checks whether the selected patches conflict with those already applied to your environment.

  • If the tool finds "no conflicts", you can safely download the selected patches.
  • If conflicts are detected by the tool, the tool will then locate existing resolutions for you to download.
  • If no resolution is found, the tool offers you to request a new resolution and you can monitor the availability of the new patch conflict resolution in the Plans and Patch Request region.



The Patch Conflict Checker Tool is available from the Search Results screen



as well as via the Patch Detail screen, which automatically opens when you click on a patch number from within a knowledge document or when you click on the patch name from the patch search results view.



Learn about the My Oracle Support Conflict Checker Tool by viewing the 6 minute video


For further information refer to

  • Document 1091294.1 How to Use the My Oracle Support Conflict Checker Tool for Patches Installed with OPatch



Want to learn more about Oracle Database 12.1 Install New Features and Changes

  • Extended Job Role Separation Groups during Install
  • Simplified Oracle Label Security Installation
  • Simplified Oracle Database Vault Installation
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c
  • Install Components
  • Silent Installation Changes
  • Windows O.S. Specific Changes
  • Queryable Patch Inventory
  • 32-bit Database Software
  • Additional Package Requirements
  • Deinstall Utility Changes


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Database 12.1 Install New Features and Changes


View/download the recording of Oracle Database Advisor Webcast: Oracle Database 12.1 Install Features / Changes (select Archived 2013 tab)


Sudhirj -Oracle

Want to learn more about Oracle Database 12.1 Multitenant

  • Introduction of Oracle Multitenant
    • Architecture overview
    • Main benefits
  • Using Oracle Multitenant architecture
    • Server Consolidation
    • Setup and maintenance of non-production environments
    • Load Balancing


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Database 12.1 Multitenant - What is it and how does it work?

Want to learn more about Oracle Database 12c Upgrade/Migration using Full Transportable Export/Import

  • Comparison of the various migration/upgrade methods
  • Prerequisites before starting Full Transportable Export/Import method
  • Steps when using Full Transportable Export/Import method


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Database 12c Upgrade/Migration using Full Transportable Export/Import



Want to learn more about Oracle Inventory Concept

  • What is the Oracle Inventory?
  • Types of inventory
  • Inventory Backup
  • Useful commands


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Inventory - Concept


View/download the recording of Oracle Database Advisor Webcast: Database Inventory: Concepts and troubleshooting (select Archived 2014 tab)



Asad -Oracle

Updated: 08th September 2015

In this Blog:



Oracle Support Database Accreditation Overview


Don't miss out on Best Practice, must-have tools and recommendations to quickly resolve issues and increase uptime of your database
Check out the Oracle Support Database Accreditation Oracle Database learning path


Have you actively used My Oracle Support for 6-9 months and have a solid working knowledge of functionality for Oracle Database? Take your expertise to the next level—become accredited!

By completing the accreditation learning series, you can increase your proficiency with My Oracle Support’s core functions and build skills to help you leverage Oracle solutions, tools, and knowledge that enable productivity.


The Accreditation learning path for Oracle Database focuses on product-specific best practices, recommendations, case examples and tool enablement - up leveling your capabilities with these Oracle products. Course topics include:


Oracle Database

  • Introduction to Oracle Database Accreditation Path
  • Oracle Database Introduction - Getting Started
  • Oracle Database Support Tools
  • Oracle Database Lifecycle Introduction including
    • Oracle Database Installation
    • Oracle Database Patching
    • Oracle Database Upgrade
  • Oracle Database Performance
  • Oracle Database Security
  • Oracle Database Scalability
  • Oracle Database Availability


Visit the Oracle Support Accreditation Index and get started with the Level 1 Oracle Support Accreditation path and product-specific Level 2 learning paths for Oracle Database.



Please provide Feedback !


Have you already completed the Oracle Support Database Accreditation?


We'd  love to heard from you - give us feedback via any of the following channels



and let us know


  • Have you implemented any of the recommended best practices?
  • Are you using any of the support tools or health checks? Which ones?
  • How has it helped you to improve the health of your production environment?
  • Any other feedback ?




Find out how other Customers rate the Oracle Support Database Accreditation


Some of your peers already provided feedback via the module based survey link  'Survey - Rate this module'.

About 78% of them rated their experience between 7 and 10 (satisfied) with module objectives, video quality, and audio quality across all accreditation paths.


What's your experience?

Help! - Looking for Oracle Database support information and tools?


• Want to ensure your system runs as smoothly as possible and you are alerted about potential issues before they actually occur?
• Looking for an interface that guides you through the issue analysis and provides resolution recommendations - fast and whenever you need it?
• Need a tool that guides you through specific symptoms and offers solutions or workarounds?
• Not being able to find the information at your finger tips when you need?


If you answered at least one of the above questions with YES, then have a look at
Oracle Database Resource Portfolio (Doc ID 1573428.2)


This index document references a great amount of resources using tabs for easy and quick navigation.


The Support Tools section provides links to tools for
• Proactive monitoring and verifying the 'health' of your system
• Collecting relevant information if and when an issue occurs that requires troubleshooting and analysis.


Each of the product related tabs offers access to relevant product area specific information such as
• Premium Knowledge Content
• Best Practices
• Troubleshooting tools and document
• Healthchecks


Go on! Review this document today and bookmark it, so you have it always at your finger tips.


Are we missing any important resources from this index document? Add a comment to let us know.

Want to learn more about the Oracle Database 12c Data Guard New Features

  • New Standby Database Type "Far Sync Standby Database"
  • SYSDG Administration Privilege
  • Multitenant Database Support
  • Rolling Upgrade using Active Data Guard
  • Online Movement of online Datafiles


Check out this Database Support News feature article Oracle Data Guard 12c New Features


View/download the recording of Oracle Database Advisor Webcast: New Feature 12c for DataGuard (select Archived 2014 tab)



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