Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications recently released the 8.0.2 upgrade.  Below are some major enhancements for Financial Crime and Compliance Management.


Behavior Detection Pack

  • Threshold Editor “what if” Enhancements
    • Can now execute scenario test runs to validate and review results of threshold and threshold set changes from the Admin Tools Scenario Threshold Editor
  • New Scenario Wizard Templates
    • Additional templates added to Scenario Wizard library to support creation of ML, FR and BC class scenarios
    • All Transactions, Account Summary (CIB), FO Trxns
  • UI enhancements
    • Introduction of 4 eyes approval workflows for Promote to Case and Alert Suppression actions
    • Users have ability to conduct a free text search of comment entries across alerts or cases
    • Trade Finance alert building blocks
  • FSDF Staging Data integration
  • TC Scenarios
    • Front Running Large Customer Orders or Trades
    • Trading Ahead of Market Moving Events
  • Enhancements to integration with IPE
    • UI to support further definition of IPE scenario as an FCCM alert
  • CIBC FATCA Enhancements phase I


Compliance Regulatory Reporting Pack

  • Philippines STR
  • Kenya STR
  • Indonesia STR
  • Uganda STR
  • Nigeria STR