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It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year! It’s not too early to start gathering  up your 1099 tax information to report to the IRS!  As you start to dive back into this once-a-year project, you might be wondering where to start: Are all the payments in? Are the batches posted?  Have I updated Address Book with the right tax identification and mailing address?  Do I have the AAI’s set up correctly?  Did I order the right forms?  Whew!



We’ve been busy getting ready, too!  First, as always, we have been in contact with the IRS to determine what information has changed this year.  There were just a few little changes that were required for reporting purposes.  Our 2014 updates reflect these changes. For information, link to 2014 1099 Process and IRS Regulation Changes (Doc ID 1936156.1).


We have also been creating new knowledge documents for 2014.  To make sure you’d have all the information you need for this year, we did some analysis of our service requests reported during 2013.  There were trends for common questions, so let’s address those:


  • Is the download ready? We all remember the government shutdown last year meant that our updates weren’t out as early as in previous years, which might have led to this very common issue.  To check on the availability of your 2014 updates and link to the download information for your release,  link to:
    • JD Edwards World 1099, W-2 and T4 Year-End Updates for 2014 (Doc ID 1929486.1).

Remember! We’re just as anxious as you are to get your download.  When the Update # listed on the above document is shown with a hyperlink within the document, that means it’s ready to download!  Go for it!

  • Where are the install instructions? The install instructions are all available in the download, so when you link to the download, you should find the instructions there.


  • What are the JD Edwards World release and IBM operating system requirements to get the update? You can find  answers these documents:


    • JD Edwards World Release and IBM Operating System Requirements for 2014 Year-End Updates (Doc ID 1933645.1)
    • Financials and Payroll Legislative Updates for Oracle JD Edwards Releases on Sustaining Support (Doc ID 1613249.1)


· If using the GL Method, amounts are missing or incorrect. This was almost 100% of the time an AAI setup issue. Save yourself some frustration and carefully review the question:

    • Why does the system include only a few of the records for the current year in the 1099 Audit File (F045144)? on Doc ID 1050866.1 for complete details on AAI setup as well as a few other reasons this might happen.

  • If using the AP Method, amounts are missing or incorrect. Again, more often than not Category Code 07 has not been updated properly on the associated vouchers.  Review these documents for answers:


We hope these tips help you get off to a great start and successful 1099 season.  Make sure to watch our community for any important new announcements or information!


It’s that time of year again.  No, I’m not talking about the beginning of the holiday season….…it’s time for




Typically, an upcoming open enrollment period requires benefit administrators to make changes to benefit offerings and introduce new offerings.  Participants during an open enrollment period have the opportunity to update their existing elections and make new elections.  The open enrollment period is an opportunity for eligible participants to:

  • Enroll in a plan if not currently enrolled
  • Change coverage from one plan to another
  • Change enrollment status of eligible family members
  • Decline coverage

Open enrollment is also an opportunity for your organization to:

  • Modify plan configuration
  • Update rates
  • End benefit offerings
  • Start new benefit offerings


Remember, Open enrollment elections are effective on January 1 and previous year coverage and rates end one day before the event date.


For help with your open enrollment process, open a Service Request with the JD Edwards World HCM group or start a conversation in our Community.

Have you asked yourself, “What is Oracle doing to enhance customers’ investment in the JD Edwards World product?” If asked, my response would be ‘A LOT’!  JD Edwards just announced General Availability of our latest Group Software Update for A9.3 update 1:  A9.3.1.3 (GSU 3). Oracle’s release naming convention wasn’t designed to confuse you, but to demonstrate the commitment to a continuous improvement of our products.  Oracle is now delivering Group Software updates to help you stay code current on our latest releases.  Go have a look at Software Updates Available for JD Edwards World A9.3 for details. 




JD Edwards World continues to build upon earlier releases making customer enhancement requests a reality with significant enhancements to Financial, Distribution, Manufacturing, Human Capital Management, Reporting and Technical Foundation applications. JD Edwards World A9.3 delivers robust and actionable information through application and reporting enhancements, reduced costs through stream lined processes, improved control through flexible security, and a continued commitment to globalization through localization updates.  Let’s look at the numbers:

                198 - Enhanced product Features added in A9.1

                290 - Enhanced product Features added in A9.2

                46 - Enhanced product Features added in A9.2 Update 1

                255 - Enhanced product Features added in A9.3

                24 - Enhanced product Features added in A9.3 Update 1


If my elementary school math serves me correctly, that equals 813 unique product enhancements implemented in JD Edwards World, since the release of A9.1 in March of 2007. So your question should be (if you aren’t running your business on release A9.3), “Why are we throwing money away by not taking advantage of our ERP investment?” To see a full list of enhanced product features, check out – Upgrade Resources/Oracle Product Features.

When someone asks – can JD Edwards do that?  We graciously reply, “Yep! We do that!”

Take a look at some of the terrific new enhancements in Advanced Pricing in JD Edwards World Distribution that you may not yet have explored.

  • Price Book for Advanced Pricing
  • Allow Reprice Adjustments for Complex Groups
  • Contract Price is the Final Price
  • Current Price with Formulas
  • Free Goods Accounted for Like Discounts
  • Free Goods with Basket Reprice, Kit Parent and Components, and Configured Items
  • Increased Security and Usability
  • New options regarding if and how Sales Order Entry  “No Base Price in Effect” message appears


report1.pngNew Advanced Pricing Report! This new report that displays the end price for each of your items after price adjustments are applied.  It includes formats to print prices by customer, customer group, or item number. What’s more, it can be used in conjunction with the Electronic Document Delivery system and BI Publisher.

basket2.pngAdded Flexibility for Basket and Order Reprice Adjustments! You can now set up basket and order reprice adjustments based on complex groups, perform basket and order level adjustments separately, reprice an order on the schedule specified at the detail level.


For more information Link to World A9.3 Enhancements to Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 1451682.1) for details.


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