Cellphone.jpgDid you have one of these in the 80s? Can you imagine still carrying around this cell phone today?  How can you take a selfie with it?

JD Edwards isn’t the only one advancing their technology!  So let’s not forget about the hardware.  JD Edwards World continues to build off of 100s of enhancements introduced by IBM’s latest and greatest operating systems. As Oracle continues to develop JD Edwards World software, we utilize many base features delivered in System I OS i7.1 and above.  In 2015, we will begin future development on OS level  i7.2, which will bump up the minimum technical requirements for our JD Edwards World customers.

What does this mean for you? All software updates will be built and delivered at i7.2 and will require our JD Edwards World customers to be at a minimum OS level of V6R1.  You will no longer be able to apply software updates on V5R4 machines.  Future software updates, including 2015 Year-end updates, will require a minimum Operating System level of V6R1.

Don’t forget, you must be on i7.1 at a minimum for your A9.3X upgrade project!

For more information on Operating System enhancements, take a look at  Benefits to Upgrading to i7.1 and Program Requirements for A9.3 MTR at i7.1 (Doc ID 1458477.1).

To better understand Oracle’s Technical Requirements by JD Edwards World release level, review Minimum IBM Operating System Release Level for JD Edwards World (Doc ID 988009.1).