Year-end is a busy time for everyone, so who has the time to show your new employees how to process your supplier’s 1099’s, your employee’s U.S.  Payroll W-2, 1099-R, and 1099-M forms, not to mention your Canadian Payroll T4 and Releve forms?  Not you!

As is our practice here in Oracle Support, we are providing Advisor Webcasts again this year on all these subjects as part of your maintenance contract!  Whether you are new to the process, or would just like a refresher, make sure to register for these upcoming LIVE sessions.  We welcome your questions during the live session, so don’t be shy.




Register for any or all of these sessions:

For 1099s:

JD Edwards World: 1099 Address Book setup and Guidelines Refresher 2014 – December 2, 2014 - During this one-hour session, Dan will go over the important first step of a creating a successful 1099 to the desired supplier – setting up your supplier’s address book records correctly. He will also cover the company/supplier combining process.  If this isn’t setup correctly, companies and/or suppliers who share the same Tax ID won’t share the same 1099 form.

*JD Edwards World: A/P Ledger Method Refresher 2014 –  December 3, 2014 - Cindy will be demonstrating and answering questions about the entire AP Method process for creating your 1099’s.  She’ll start at the beginning with the setup needed and continue through the whole process  - including writing and adjusting the forms. 

*JD Edwards World: G/L  Method Refresher 2014 – December 4, 2014 – Cindy will take you on a similar ride through the G/L method available for preparing and processing your 1099 returns.


*Not sure whether to use the A/P method or the G/L method for processing your 1099 returns? 

  • Use the 1099 A/P Ledger Method if you can identify which 1099 form and box to update based on a category code value in the A/P Ledger file, (F0411), instead of an expense account, or if you don’t have corresponding records in the Account Ledger file (F0911).
  • Use the 1099 G/L Method when you want to use the expense account number as the basis for updating the 1099 form and box. Also use this method for records created in the Procurement system using the two-way or three-way Voucher Match program

For Payroll Year-End:

JD Edwards World: Preparing for the 2014 W-2 Year-End Processing Season – December 9, 2014 – Join Leslie and Julie so they can enlighten you to new functionality around the W-2 year-end process and review steps to successfully process your W-2s for 2014!

JD Edwards World: Preparing for the 2014 Canadian T4 & Releve Year-End Processing Season – December 10, 2014 – Kristen will review what’s new for 2014 in regard to our T4 and Releve processes as well as a review of the entire process in this one-hour session.  Bring your questions!

To register for any or all of these Advisor Webcasts, link to JD Edwards World Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1455377.1).

Remember, throughout the season to post your questions on JD Edwards World Communities in My Oracle Support…we’ll be waiting!