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NewFeature.pngAs we all know, when using JD Edwards Manufacturing, you are required to set up and maintain a Shop Floor calendar. You then define which days are work days, weekends, and holidays for your planning horizon.  In older releases of JD Edwards World, the Shop Floor calendar required manual setup: populating each year and month one at a time in sequential order for the planning horizon needed, which is typically 5 years out. This works out to changing the month and year and hitting enter at least 60 times...And that’s not counting the steps needed to modify the days of a particular month for holidays or down time! I’m sure we all have better, more productive things to do with our time!  Not only that, but if this manual process isn’t completed in a timely manner, it could impact production schedules, which affects the bottom line.  You may have found yourself having to access the system on off hours to perform this labor-intensive activity.


The good news is that in newer releases of World Software, your shop floor calendars can be set up in seconds using a batch mode.  You simply specify one time only, the month and year range of your planning horizon, and a week’s worth of work days. The new Calendar Generation program generates all of your calendars at once with the push of button.  Just tweak the calendars for holidays and you’re all set! This new process drastically speeds up the calendar generation process.

For further information on using the new features of Shop Floor Calendar, take a look at Shop Floor Calendar Setup and Use (Doc ID 631273.1).


It is that time of year when customers are producing year end forms, running integrity reports, balancing their books, and officially closing out the calendar year.  We find ourselves asking the questions;  How did that get changed?  Or who updated that record? 


Set up Database Audit Manager over your major files, you’ll have the answers to those questions.  Database Audit Manager is a tool which enables selective historical database transaction logging.  It also contains support for electronic signature verification, enforcement, and capture all within Database Audit Manager.

The Database Audit Manager provides the ability to select a file and the fields in the file to be tracked. In addition, it allows the following:

  • Add a new audit process
  • Build an audit
  • Activate and deactivate audit triggers
  • Maintain reason code
  • Set the default library names used throughout the system

For example, let’s say that the FDA requires tracking address changes. You can set up an audit to record changes to the address data field of the Address Book Master file (F0101). Once you have identified the file to audit, define an audit program (P0101AUD) and a target file (F0101AUD).  Now, select the address data field to trigger the audit program. Finally, attach reason codes to the actions. Easy!

For more information on setting up Data Base Audit Manager, please review:  JD Edwards World Database Audit Manager

Oracle Support also created a quick reference quide to help setup DBAM, Database Audit Manager with Electronic Signature Quick Reference Guide (Doc ID 647975.1)


Do you need a way to track your company’s credit cards, who they’re assigned to, when they expire and what they are eligible to purchase? Want to import transactions quickly to your system?  Want to save some money?  Time is money and the JD Edwards World Purchase Card Management system can dramatically decrease the time (read: money) it takes to import, approve, track, and process these credit card expenses.


Here are just a few of the features and benefits of Purchase Cards:


  • Merchant Category Codes and Merchant Activity - Allows you to setup multiple credit card transaction approvers across your organization.
  • Z-file Functionality - Import transactions quickly into your system!
  • Approver Routes - When an approver that is on vacation or out sick, the approval process keeps moving seamlessly with built-in routing to backup approvers.
  • Reporting – Includes valuable reports to assist in managing both your transactions as well as employee cards.


The JD Edwards World Purchase card system makes it easy to import, review, revise, and approve incoming transactions, then create either journal entries or vouchers to record or process the payments.  It even handles both foreign and domestic currency transactions!


Now that I’ve got your attention (hopefully!), take some time to watch the recorded Advisor Webcast presentation Tighten your Belt with Pcard Management  to get more details on this great offering from JD Edwards World. To access it, link to JD Edwards World Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1455377.1). Select the Archived 2013 tab.




Tax season is fast approaching! 

Do you want to cut down on the mailing costs of sending out all of your employee’s W-2 forms?  Take the process a step further and email (burst) the W-2 forms directly to your employee’s inbox.

This year when printing your W-2s, consider printing using JD Edwards World EDD (Electronic Document Delivery).  It’s easier than you might think.

•    The W-2 form template is automatically delivered when you download the W-2 software update.

•    There is no need to order additional forms from an additional vendor to print your W-2s.

•    There is no need to form and/or printer alignment to get to form to line up properly for printing

•    Simply process your W-2s and print forms to your printer. 


Want more information?  Take a look at Document ID 1923159.1 for detailed steps for printing your W-2 forms using EDD.  If you’re a “see it, then do it” type, you can also view a recorded Advisor Webcast on the process.  Link to Document ID 1455377.1 and locate the recording under the “Archived 2014” tab to locate JD Edwards World: Go Green with BI Publisher for W-2s -> Deliver your W-2 forms efficiently, quickly and electronically!

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