Tax season is fast approaching! 

Do you want to cut down on the mailing costs of sending out all of your employee’s W-2 forms?  Take the process a step further and email (burst) the W-2 forms directly to your employee’s inbox.

This year when printing your W-2s, consider printing using JD Edwards World EDD (Electronic Document Delivery).  It’s easier than you might think.

•    The W-2 form template is automatically delivered when you download the W-2 software update.

•    There is no need to order additional forms from an additional vendor to print your W-2s.

•    There is no need to form and/or printer alignment to get to form to line up properly for printing

•    Simply process your W-2s and print forms to your printer. 


Want more information?  Take a look at Document ID 1923159.1 for detailed steps for printing your W-2 forms using EDD.  If you’re a “see it, then do it” type, you can also view a recorded Advisor Webcast on the process.  Link to Document ID 1455377.1 and locate the recording under the “Archived 2014” tab to locate JD Edwards World: Go Green with BI Publisher for W-2s -> Deliver your W-2 forms efficiently, quickly and electronically!