NewFeature.pngAs we all know, when using JD Edwards Manufacturing, you are required to set up and maintain a Shop Floor calendar. You then define which days are work days, weekends, and holidays for your planning horizon.  In older releases of JD Edwards World, the Shop Floor calendar required manual setup: populating each year and month one at a time in sequential order for the planning horizon needed, which is typically 5 years out. This works out to changing the month and year and hitting enter at least 60 times...And that’s not counting the steps needed to modify the days of a particular month for holidays or down time! I’m sure we all have better, more productive things to do with our time!  Not only that, but if this manual process isn’t completed in a timely manner, it could impact production schedules, which affects the bottom line.  You may have found yourself having to access the system on off hours to perform this labor-intensive activity.


The good news is that in newer releases of World Software, your shop floor calendars can be set up in seconds using a batch mode.  You simply specify one time only, the month and year range of your planning horizon, and a week’s worth of work days. The new Calendar Generation program generates all of your calendars at once with the push of button.  Just tweak the calendars for holidays and you’re all set! This new process drastically speeds up the calendar generation process.

For further information on using the new features of Shop Floor Calendar, take a look at Shop Floor Calendar Setup and Use (Doc ID 631273.1).