Has this ever happened to you??monthend.jpg


While preparing for month-end or year-end close you discover batches posted to an incorrect period or year? Or perhaps you find unposted batches for a closed G/L period?  Now what?


Here in Global Support, the most common questions/issues around this topic:

  • “Can we change the G/L date to the current period?” (The answer, by the way, is “no”.)
  • “The posting report gives a date error and won’t complete.” (The system normally won’t let you post to a closed period.)



Rest assured, there is a way to post these batches and book amounts to the desired periods! Review (and bookmark!) this document:  Doc ID 798195.1 - How to Post Transactions to a Prior Period or Prior Year without Affecting the General Ledger for our suggestions. This document contains:


  • Steps necessary for reviewing data
  • Suggestions for making corrections and adjustments
  • Considerations for integrity programs to run to verify your data is correct once you have completed the correction

Do you have a scenario that isn’t covered in this document?  Let us know! There are several ways to do this:

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  • Add a comment on the document itself using the “comments” icon in the Document Details section on the right.
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