Are you ready to be in charge of your health care?  The Affordable Care Act does just that…it puts you, the consumer, in control of your health care requirements!  The Patient’s Bill of Rights gives us the tools needed to make informed choices in health care.

Now, as an employer and health coverage provider, I bet you’re wondering what setup and data is required from your JD Edwards software. Currently, no new functionality is required to track data in JD Edwards World Software.  We do plan to support filing for forms 1094C & 1095C, which are used to report the information required by employers with 50 or more full time employees who offer health coverage and enrollment in health coverage for their employees.  Look for updates within My Oracle Support Community during 2015 from JD Edwards regarding enhancements required by the IRS for the Affordable Care Act. 

In the meantime, check out this IRS website for more detailed information:



Please feel free to post any questions either here, or in the My Oracle Support regarding how your JD Edwards World Software can support these form requirements.