Get creative. Think outside the box!



There are times when there is no existing functionality in the World applications dedicated to meet your specific goals. In some cases, you can take advantage of what might appear to be unrelated functionality to accomplish a task in lieu of customizing the software. For example:


  • You need to restrict the shipment of items to certain addresses.
  • You have an item that can be transferred between warehouses but not sold to outside customers.
  • You need to recalculate the weight of items on an order just prior to shipping the items.


Sometimes a little creativity goes a long way:


1.  You can’t set up item restrictions by ship-to address, but you can set up the Next Status preference profile to default an invalid next status code to a sales order line based on the ship to address, thus prohibiting the creation of such order lines.


2.  There’s no flag to designate that an item cannot be sold to an outside customer; however, you can create a new line type for such items, for which you can either:

    • Refrain from setting up order activity rules (P40204) for the new line type, or
    • Set up activity rules for the document type specific to transfer orders only (if you use the Sales Transfer program P4242)

If a user then attempts to enter the item on a sales order, the order entry program will error stating that activity rules aren’t set up for the order type and line type being used.


3.  There is no program in the World applications dedicated to updating the weight on existing sales order lines. However, did you know the Shipment Confirmation program (P4205) will update the weight on a sales order line if the associated field (SDITWT) in the sales order detail file (F4211) is blank?

To update the weight on a few order lines, you can simply access each order via order entry, clear the weight and then ship confirm the order lines. To update numerous order lines, you can:

    • Use SQL to clear the weight field in the appropriate F4211 records, and
    • Run the Batch Shipment confirmation program (P42051 – available as of the 9.2 release), which calls P4205 in batch mode.  


If you need ideas about workarounds that may help you to meet your goals, don’t hesitate to open a service request or post a question on the MOS community forum.