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            JD Edwards World is movin' on up!  Did you know that you now have the ability to define Generic Exits which can navigate to a URL rather than an RPG program?  Users can also exit to browser-based functionality on the client workstation; such as displaying documents on a network drive directly from a field in JD Edwards World.

The Web Enablement Navigation Bar has been expanded to include Generic (User-Defined) Exits, with the capability to show more than 24 exits from a program.  Generic Exits allow you to define an exit from a World application program without having to make coding changes to the application program.  There are two types of Generic Exits. The first type, allows you to define an exit to another interactive application program.  The second type allows you to define an exit to a URL or PC Process. 

Use this link to A9.3 Documentation; Working with Generic Exits, Chapter 47.5 Working with Generic Exits.  For use case examples, take a look at A9.3 Generic Exit Functions (Doc ID 1478037.1).