So you run your Trial Balance report in FASTR for the company Controller, and some of the amounts are not exactly what you are expecting…this can’t be right! Where in the world are these numbers coming from?

Before you pack up your coffee mug to move to a remote island, know that there is help available.


When you need to research questionable account balances for a FASTR version, you can create an audit trail using the Balance Auditor feature.  With the balance auditor activated, the system determines which records in the Account Balances table were used to create the account balances on your report. Even more than that, it allows you to drill down into the Account Ledger Inquiry, and ultimately the original journal entry!



It’s really easy to setup and use.  Link to Doc ID 1994077.1 How to use Balance Auditor on FASTR Reports.


Make it even easier to use by setting up Balance Auditor as a menu option! See how with Doc ID 627072.1.



A few things to remember when using this feature:

  • The balance auditor provides an audit trail for non-calculated amounts only. It does not provide an audit trail for amounts that are the result of column, row, or cell calculations.  Balance Auditor also does not work with reports using Organization Structures.
  • Because the balance auditor requires significant system resources, you should run a version with it activated only when necessary.
  • The information on the audit trail might differ from the information in your account ledger. This is because the account ledger is dynamic, that is, when someone posts a transaction, it is reflected immediately. The audit trail, in contrast, is static. If someone posts a transaction after you create the audit trail, it is not reflected in the audit trail.



For additional information on FASTR problem resolution, Doc ID 1548783.1 Troubleshooting FASTR Reports.