Control of expenditures is a high priority for most businesses and for many of you that control begins with the purchase order approval process.  You may be familiar with our Purchase Order Approval Process, but did you know that as of JD Edwards release A9.2, the Address Book system Approvals Management functionality has been expanded to accommodate purchase orders?  Approvals Management for Purchase Orders provides for more elaborate designation of approvers, more flexibility in the set of variables on which to base your approvals, and it even has a central workbench so managing approvals for different applications is a snap.


Here are some of the functionality highlights for Approvals Management:

  • Approval can be performed by individual approvers, approver groups, or approver routes.
  • Approver Groups can be created requiring approval by just 1 of several approvers, or multiple approvers for a single approval, depending on your needs.
  • Set conditions for order approvals using If/And/Else as well as Greater Than, Equal To, Sum, and other criteria.
  • You can set up calculations with simple mathematical equations to incorporate into rules.
  • The equations can contain addition and subtraction operations applicable to field values in a single record in the purchasing files.
  • Create Rule Sets and use *Release functionality to validate orders against available budgets, obtain the necessary budget approval and then move orders on through additional approvals as required.
  • Easily setup substitute approvers for vacation coverage, or make substitutions permanent for changes in responsibilities.
  • Access Approvals Workbench directly from your email message.


For a great overview and demo of this functionality, be sure to mark your calendars and register to attend the LIVE Advisor Webcast on May 19, 2015.  Link to Doc ID 1455377.1 to register now!

For additional information on the Approvals Management functionality as it applies to Procurement: