Here are some key benefits and features of importing, exporting and distributing data in JD Edwards World software:


Import –

  • You no longer need to write a program to populate the Batch files (Z1) files. 

In the A9 releases you can populate a spreadsheet and import the data without having to map fields to the file.  We supply a template of all the fields in the batch file and then you choose the columns that will be imported, and populate the data for those columns.  Processing the batch file data to the permanent physical files has not changed.  See the following documents for more details:

    • Using Batch Import to Upload Data to Batch Files (Z and Z1) (Doc ID 1368622.1)
    • Batch Import Replaces Journal Entry Upload in A9.3 (P09110/P0911Z1) (Doc ID 1498278.1)
    • Using the Batch Import Process to Upload Batch Receipt Records (F0312) (Doc ID 1348550.1)
    • How to Use the Batch Import Process to Change Address Book Records (Doc ID 1276172.1)
  • You can import data directly into many JD Edwards World files. 

This is called Z File Processing and it is similar to how the user would enter the data interactively, except this is a batch import process that includes all the fields that the user would have on the video. When the data is processed, the records go directly into the associated file. Here are some helpful documents on using this process:

    • How to Upload (Import) Account Master Records (P09011Z) (Doc ID 1551556.1)
    • How to Upload (Import) Asset Master Records (P1201Z) (Doc ID 628436.1)
    • What is the Difference Between Z1 Batch Processing and Z File Processing? (Doc ID 1592502.1)
    • Using Batch Import to Upload Data to Batch Files (Z and Z1) (Doc ID 1368622.1)
  • You can import directly to certain interactive videos like the Journal Entry (P09101) video, by using the Interactive Import process. 

You create the template spreadsheet with the fields that are on the video directly from the Journal Entry application.  Populate the spreadsheet and use the import action to import the data to the Journal Entry application. See the following for details on this process:

    • Using the Import Feature for Interactive Programs (Example Importing Journal Entries using P09101) (Doc ID 1551593.1)
  • The import process is consistent across all applications.


Export –

  • Beginning in release A9.3 you have the ability to export reports in .pdf format.
  • All A9 releases allow .txt format for reports, including those not listed on UDC table 00/BE and  00/IE.
  • You can export information from an interactive video like Account Ledger Inquiry, Supplier Ledger Inquiry and Customer Ledger Inquiry.  With this process, you can choose who will receive the information.
  • FASTR and STAR reports can be exported in .csv format.


Distribute –

  • Set up a list of people that will receive reports. This list can be used when distributing a report or inquiry.
  • Distribute the report or interactive inquiry to a specific recipient.
  • Use Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) to create an Email Template with the subject and the body of the email.  Customize the subject and body to meet your business needs.


Burst –

  • Automatically send A/R Statements to customers and A/P Remittance Advices via email to suppliers. Several other forms are burst capable.

See the following documents for more details –

    • Programs and Files with Import/Export and Bursting Capabilities in Release A9.x (Doc ID 1206790.1)
    • Using the Batch Export Process to Email (Burst) Documents (Doc ID 1174023.1)
  • Use the interface with BI Publisher and create your own JDE World forms using .rtf (rich text format). Once the rtf has been created, the system will use the .xml that is created by the JDE program and send a pdf document via the Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) transformation template attached in the Export Parameters on the DREAM Writer for the program.


The following JD Edwards World Information Center has links to other documents that will be helpful as you evaluate your processes:

Using JD Edwards World Import and Export, Electronic Document Delivery (EDD) and BI Publisher (Doc ID 1413956.2).