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Vertex is a 3rd party tax system that links to JD Edwards. The geocode from Vertex indicates what tax should be applied to a transaction. This can be a straight tax or a tax with a Tax Decision Maker table (TDM table) applied.


If you run Vertex Sales Tax with JD Edwards World (JDE) for your taxes and transact internationally, you may wonder how the system handles taxes with foreign entities. Foreign Entities means any business outside of the U.S. and Canada. So... what about those ‘foreign entities’ and their taxes? How does Vertex handle this set up?


Vertex does not define GeoCodes for non-U.S. or non-Canadian jurisdictions and does not maintain tax rates for these jurisdictions. You will need to know the correct tax rates for the rest of the world but you can add this information into Vertex. Vertex allows the creation of foreign GeoCodes, each beginning with value = 77 (in the state part). Once a geocode is set up, a Vertex Override table to maintain tax rates for each foreign taxing authority may be added to the Vertex system.


For a simple overview on setting up a TDM for Override Table review Vertex: TDMs (Tax Decision Maker) (Doc ID 626692.1). To understand TDM set up with foreign entities more fully contact Vertex Support. The customer support number for Vertex is 800.281.1900. 

taxes.jpgDoes it feel like Vertex tax updates are weighing you down? 


Did you know the new Vertex 4.1 update applies to 4 specific states:  Iowa, Missouri, Oregon & Alabama?  You only need the JD Edwards update along with Vertex 4.1 if you do business in one of these states AND process multi-state payrolls.  If you only process payrolls for a single state, you do not need the JD Edwards update at this time.


If the above DOES apply to your business needs…..JD Edwards can help with that heavy load! 


We have software updates for A9.2, A9.3 & A9.4 to accompany the Vertex 4.1 update.  Don’t feel like applying a software update?  Try one of the code changes instead.


See Vertex 4.1 Compatibility with JD Edwards Releases (Doc ID 2022493.1) for the update and code change numbers for each release.


Also check out A9.3/A9.3.1 HCM Updates (Doc ID 1465468.1) for a list of all available updates for each release.

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Prebuilt Content for JD Edwards World is available: World A9.3 (PDF). Use the UPK prebuilt content as a beginning for process documentation and training aides, and you can also utilize the UPK Developer to easily customize the content to match your organization’s needs.


For more information on UPK or links to access UPK demos, please review: User Productivity Kit (UPK) for JD Edwards World.

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