taxes.jpgDoes it feel like Vertex tax updates are weighing you down? 


Did you know the new Vertex 4.1 update applies to 4 specific states:  Iowa, Missouri, Oregon & Alabama?  You only need the JD Edwards update along with Vertex 4.1 if you do business in one of these states AND process multi-state payrolls.  If you only process payrolls for a single state, you do not need the JD Edwards update at this time.


If the above DOES apply to your business needs…..JD Edwards can help with that heavy load! 


We have software updates for A9.2, A9.3 & A9.4 to accompany the Vertex 4.1 update.  Don’t feel like applying a software update?  Try one of the code changes instead.


See Vertex 4.1 Compatibility with JD Edwards Releases (Doc ID 2022493.1) for the update and code change numbers for each release.


Also check out A9.3/A9.3.1 HCM Updates (Doc ID 1465468.1) for a list of all available updates for each release.