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No one wants to sit in the office trying to reconcile the payroll bank account, marking off each of hundreds of paychecks against your statement. 

It’s summer time!   Get outside to enjoy the weather! 

Let Positive Pay come to the rescue...        super_hero_lifting_text_12717-400x400.jpg


We know that managing check fraud risk and reducing exposure to fraud is more important than ever to today's payroll managers. The Payroll Positive Pay process is an optional process that creates a work file with data for each payroll check printed in the payroll system.

This work file is then used to generate a bank transmittal file which is sent to your company's financial institution to be used for check verification. Financial institutions have a variety of Positive Pay file formats and the file generated by this process will meet the basic requirements for most financial institutions.

For complete information on creating the Positive Pay file, see Positive Pay for Payroll Checks (Doc ID 2018511.1)

So get out and play and leave the work to Positive Pay!

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