Have you struggled for a solution to error message 0027 - User Defined Code Error?  If so, you're not alone. Customers often log service requests and perform searches to understand and troubleshoot this error.


The challenge with the 0027 - User Defined Code Error which states: “The entered code was not found in the User Defined Codes” is that the Item/Account Number (UITM) or Description (DSC1) field is highlighted and neither field is associated to a user defined code (UDC).  Due to this you do not know which UDC is in need of correction.


Troubleshooting Voucher Match (P4314) (Doc ID 1531063.1) provides help with this issue. Section D. Error 0027: User Defined Code Error explains that this issue is new to the A9.2C1 release, and occurs when one of the address book category codes assigned to the supplier is not valid. Document 1531063.1 provides step by step instructions on how to identify and update the UDC table in error so the error is no longer given. The document also contains information about a list of UDC tables that do not contain blank as a valid value.  Adding the “blank” value to these tables may also help correct the 0027 error issue from occurring in the future.