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Once again, a new year is upon us. It is already 2016. We know that a new year is here and now, human intervention is required to inform the manufacturing programs of this as well. Several manufacturing functions require up to date calendars in manufacturing. An example of this is:


     Backscheduling: Work Orders perform back scheduling in order to calculate the correct start date to begin production.

     Lead-times:         Lead-time calculations are performed which depends on Shop Floor Calendars existing and being up to date.


Manufacturing requires calendars to be set up five years in the future along with two years back. Since it is already 2016, adding five years takes your calendars out to 2021.


To check if your calendars are up to date the menu, Shop Floor Control Setup (15/G3141) can assist you. Simply inquire on your branch plant along with the calendar month of 01 and year 2016 and begin paging down. Confirm that every month in 2016 displays a calendar through 2021. Should the calendar not exist, a message displays at the bottom of the Shop Floor Calendar screen (P0071) stating: Enter key must be pressed to add record.


For customers operating A92 and above, you have access of pressing the F5 function key to call the Calendar Generation (P0007G) program. The days of adding calendars one at a time is gone. The Calendar Generation program can add as many calendar years as you want. Enter the From month/year and update the Thru month/year to any year of you liking. For example, select to run the Calendar Generation program for 01/2016 through 12/2021.


Remember to add your work days as code W, Holiday's as code H and shut down as an S in your calendars. This way, backscheduling will not include a holiday when calculating work order start dates. If using Calendar Generation, add a normal calendar and then access the calendars that need some tweaking for holidays or shut down days.


Adding the calendar information ensures that your work order start dates calculate with a valid start date. Also, when running any MRP program such as Single Plant (P3482) or Multi-plant (P3483)following the rules of calendars five years out and two years back eliminates error JDE3401 - Errors occurred calculating the dates required for MPS/MRP/DRP processing, which seems to hide in an MRP job log.


More information can be located on P00071 Shop Floor Calendar Setup and Use (Doc ID 631273.1) and Work Day or Shop Floor Calendar and Branch Plant 'ALL' (Doc ID 813265.1).

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