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The Preferred Cost Center Preference allows the default of a detail Branch Plant (BP) on the sales order detail line based on preference profile set up.


Isn’t this Inventory Commitment Preference Profiles? It is, but it is specifically meant only to do the following:

  1. Default a Preferred BP for any given product at the sales order detail level regardless of the availability of an item.
  2. Default a Preferred BP in the detail even if the item does not exist on the header BP.


This preference:

  1. Does not exist on Preference Profiles P4007 set up. It uses the set up for Inventory Commitment Preferences.
  2. Must be flagged on the Preference Selection P40400 batch program.
  3. The version of the P40400 must be attached to sales order entry P4211 to preference the BP.


For more on using a slimmed down version of preferred cost center for sourcing inventory read document Preference Profiles in Sales(Doc ID 626656.1) / section Preferred Cost Center.

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