The majority of MRP service requests received for 2016, pertain to issues within the Branch Plant Relationship (P3403) table. While troubleshooting the Branch Plant Relationship Table, we have come across a startling revelation. The Effective Thru Dates for each branch record contains the Effective Thru Date of 12/31/20.


We all know that 2016 is in full swing but can you believe that in just four short years, 2020 will be here? Who remembers back in the 1980's when the manufacturing data dictionary item #CYR (Century Change Year) was implemented to be used as the default for the Effective Thru Date fields? When data dictionary field #CYR contains the value of 20, Effective Thru Dates default to 12/31/20 when this field is left blank. Back in the 1980's when 2020 was the default, we had 30+ years to update the #CYR field. Or, so we thought. The majority of service requests entered still display Branch Relationship Revisions with the Effective Thru Date of 12/31/20.


Multi-Plant MRP (P3483) contains processing option 3 in each dream writer version where planning horizon periods are defined. The periods are defined in days, weeks and months. The maximum number of periods in any combination cannot exceed 52 periods. So, let's say that 52 months are added with no days or weeks. This takes MRP out to June 2020. Should the Effective Thru date in Branch Plant Constants contain 12/31/20 as the Effective Thru Date, the branch plant relationship line is only good for another 8 months which is too close for comfort.


Back in 2010, JDE introduced a program Effective Thru Date Update (P4028) that runs over 70+ data files where Effective Thru Dates and Expiration Dates are changed for Manufacturing and Distribution programs. The data dictionary field #CYR can be changed to the year of your choice as long as you follow the 100 year rule principal. When running the P4028, the files listed in UDC 40/EF are updated to include a new Effective Thru Date so that your data does not expire.


Even though this program has been available for many years, we still see customers that have not run the Effective Thru Date Update. The sooner that this program is run, the less likely issues will exist with invalid Effective Thru Dates and Expiration Dates in Distribution.


As a reminder Effective-Thru Dates and #CYR (P4028) (Doc ID 656831.1) explains what this program does for both Manufacturing & Distribution files.


Branch Plant Relationships contain default values when adding new relationships, the following information will default if left blank:

  • The Effective From date defaults to today's date     
  • The Effective Thru date defaults to December 31 and reads #CYR for the default year.     
  • The level for the component branch defaults to one  more than the level from the header for the source branch.                                              


Keeping your setup tables/files current avoids any future problems where data is no longer valid.

For more information see Branch Plant Relationships P3403 (Doc ID 782525.1).