Do you need to create purchase orders to accommodate sales order demand in one fell swoop? There is new functionality in the World A9.3 release to do just that. Prior to the A9.3 release, the Direct Ship program (P4243) was only geared to accommodate transactions for which goods are supplied directly from your supplier to your customer. As of the A9.3 release, P4243 is equipped to handle stock transactions, that is, to create a purchase order for goods received to inventory prior to being shipped to the customer on a related sales order.


In addition to creating back-to-back sales and purchase orders via P4243, the Batch Sales Order Creation program (P40211Z) will also accommodate the creation of back to back orders.


Prior to the A9.3 release, if you attempt to create back-to-back orders using a stock line type via P4243, the resulting sales and purchase orders may not be processed properly by the system. The system has been enhanced to orchestrate the back-to-back order functionality, as well as to enhance the drop ship process, as follows:


Direct Ship Orders (P4243)

  • Prevent order changes at certain statuses
  • Display requested date for purchase orders in video header
  • Display pick and ship dates for sales orders
  • Invoke the Inventory Commitment Preference (for stock transactions)
  • Accommodate order templates
  • Accommodate order duplication process
  • Default Ship-To address for supply branch on PO (for stock transactions)


Enter Receipts (P4312)

  • Accommodate partial receipts by updating order lines on PO and related SO
  • Update inventory receipt location to related sales order
  • Automatic shipment confirmation of related sales order


Shipment Confirmation (P4205)

  • Prevent shipment of sales order prior to receipt of related purchase order


An extended benefit of the new functionality is the ability to track the location of drop ship items from the time they leave your supplier’s warehouse to their final destination (via receipts routing).


For more information about the Direct Ship Order Entry program, please see Direct Ship Orders (Doc ID 626663.1).