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Did you know that there are two methods to attach the work order parts list and routing? It seems that Order Processing (P31410) is the preferred method for attaching the part list and routing to the work order header. This is probably due to Order Processing being a batch program where more than one work order can be processed at a time. But what if you only have one work order that requires processing. Should you run Order Processing (P31410) and wait?


There is a second method to attach the work order parts list and routing. This is called Interactive attachment (P48013). Interactive attachment works for one work order header at a time and there is no delay. The parts list and routing are attached immediately.


In A73, Interactive attachment could not be run if the standard routing (F3003) contained an Outside Operation where a purchase order is created. However, this was corrected in A9.1 and above. Now, a purchase order is created when attaching Interactively. The only caveat is that the work order routing (P3112) must be attached first.


Interactive attachments works from the Work Order Header (P48013). Inquire on the work order using Enter/Change Order (P48013) and press F8. The standard routing file (F3003) is read and when pressing F10 twice, turns the action code of the P3112 to an 'A' for add. Press enter and the routing is created. To create the parts list at the same time, ensure that the second processing option in the P48013 for INTERACTIVE BILL/ROUTING ATTACHMENT, is activated.



Enter a '1' to automatically create

the WO Parts List when creating the

WO Routing Instructions on-line. 


We highly advise to always attach the routing first and not the parts list. The only time the parts list should be attached first is when no routing exists for the item.


No reports are generated when attaching Interactively. If a parts list and routing are required, Order Processing can be run with the first processing option (1a.) of Order Processing (P31410) GENERATION INFORMATION set to a blank. This way, the existing routing and parts list will not be reattached. However, a parts list and a routing will be printed as long as the Parts List Print and Routing Print processing options are selected.

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