The Meter Readings (P12120Z) is located on 9/G1331. You can use the Meter Readings - Z File (P12120Z) processing program to call Meter Readings (P12120) as a batch process and use that data instead of data you enter manually; to create or update the Asset Balance file (F1202) and Account Ledger file (F0911).


This program runs Meter Readings (P12120) in the background and uses file Meter Readings Z File (F12120Z).


Three processing options as associated with the P12120Z. These are:


     1. Enter the version to be used to call Meter Readings (P12120).


         If left blank, ZJDE0001 will be used.



     2. Enter '1' to skip printing the error report.


         If left blanks, the report will print.


     3. Enter the version to be used to call the error report program (P41ZERR).


         If left blank, XJDE0013 will be used.


F12120Z is meant to replace the video so the user needs to ensure data integrity before running this program. The field ZZACCM in the Z file is designed to allow user to choose which AAI account to use for the record to be processed. P12120 employs the same edit logic over the data read from the Z files.                      


Errors encountered will be written into a log file. A report program is available to print these errors. Account Ledger file (F0911) and Asset Balance file (F1202) records will be generated or updated if no errors are encountered.