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As of the World A9.2 release, the new approvals management functionality incorporates new programs, files and processes that accommodate a more powerful and effective purchase order approval process. Compelling reasons to consider implementing the new functionality include, but are not limited to:


  • A more flexible set of variables on which to base purchase order approval requests, including:


    • Upper and Lower Amount Limits
    • Order Types
    • Cost Centers
    • Account Numbers
    • Foreign Amounts
    • Order Quantities
    • Supplier Address Numbers
    • Buyer Address Numbers
    • Item Numbers


  • A more elaborate designation of approvers, including
    • Individual Approvers
    • Groups of Approvers (including and/or and hierarchical capabilities)
    • Substitute Approvers
    • Individuals with Override Authority
    • Individuals with Notification Privileges Only


  • Batch e-mail capabilities that allow for:
    • Re-sending of approval notifications
    • Escalated messages
    • Consolidated e-mails
    • Various types of e-mail templates
    • Numerous variables allowed within templates


  • A central workbench in which to manage different types of approvals (e.g. purchase orders, address book changes, time cards)


If you would like to explore the possibilities, please see Approvals Management for Procurement (Doc ID 889689.1).

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