Are you running into problems when trying to delete a Purchasing Voucher using Match Voucher to Open Receipt (P4314)?


Are you receiving errors such as 0667: Record Has Already Been Voided/Deleted, 2417: Functional Server Header Level Error or if running an older version of JD Edwards World software Error 2521: Inquiry By Voucher Number Required First?


If so, then you are not alone.  You have a situation where the purchasing voucher was incorrectly deleted (or voided) using an Accounts Payable voucher program rather than the P4314 - Match Voucher to Open Receipt.


When this happens, the accounts payable (F0411) and general ledger (F0911) records are updated, but there is no corresponding update to the purchasing receiver files F43121 & F43121H.  This leaves you unable to delete the “purchasing” voucher as originally intended.


Help is available in both Troubleshooting Voucher Match (P4314) (Doc ID 1531063.1) which contains additional details related to these errors and Recovery of Purchase Order Voucher Deleted or Voided in A/P (Doc ID 626788.1) which provides details on how to correct this situation.


For details on the proper steps to receive and reverse receipts or match and delete purchasing vouchers, please see Reversing/Deleting Vouchers and Receipts in Purchasing (Doc ID 626785.1).


These documents also explain how you can set the processing options of your XT0411Z1 Accounts Payable Functional Server to prevent this from occurring in the future.