Searching for Bugs for Objects in MOS and having trouble?


JD Edwards World offers Code Changes for Bugs for each of its releases. For its higher releases, there are Group Software Updates (GSU’s) as well. GSUs are large groups of code changes for all objects that may be downloaded in order to make the release current. The benefit of a GSU is you do not have to figure out what code changes are needed for each objects; they are already grouped.  The benefit of a code change is the ability to apply the code without having to affect an entire release and all its objects, only one or a few objects.


If you have trouble searching My Oracle Support (MOS) for Bugs & Objects for the World releases search for the text ‘Bugs & Objects’. Documents are written into excel spreadsheets and can be sorted to view bugs.


Just as a reminder, use the following documents to assist in searches along with MOS searches for bugs and GSUs.


JD Edwards World A9.4 Bugs & Objects (Doc ID 2005948.1)

JD Edwards World A9.3 Bugs and Objects(Doc ID 1467451.1)

JD Edwards World A9.2 Bugs and Objects (Doc ID 746132.1)

JD Edwards World A9.1 SARs and Objects (Doc ID 745797.1)

JD Edwards World POST A8.1 CU 06 and A7.3 CU 16 Bugs and Objects (Doc ID 746699.1)

JD Edwards World A7.3 and A8.1 SARs and Objects (Doc ID 746698.1)


Information on Software Updates Available for JD Edwards World A9.3(Doc ID 1500570.1)

Master Note: Considerations for All Applications After A9.3 Upgrade and A9.3 Update 1(Doc ID 1465427.1)