Setting up Multi-Plant MRP (P3483) can seem at times a bit cumbersome at times. However, identifying your branch plants is the main criteria for building a supply and demand relationship. Branch Plant Relationships incorporates more of a specific relationship by utilizing the planning family a.k.a. Master Planning Family (IBPRP4).


The Master Planning Family is set up for each item using the Item Branch/Plant Information (P41026). Pressing F5 to display the category codes is where the Master Planning Family is identified. When relationships are established based on a planning family, the planning family needs to be consistent across all branch plants in the supply chain.


A common misconception is that just the planning family from the demand plant is used and that the planning family does not have to be consistent. With this set up (planning family not the same across the supply chain), MRP will not generate, what we refer to as, a good run.


A good start to planning families not being set up correctly or producing a bad run, is when MRP begins planning illogically. For example:


1. Inquiring on Supply/Demand Inquiry reveals negative availability as the last record  on the screen.


  1. Transfer Order messages will only be received for the highest level branch plants.  Then in order to generate transfer messages for the rest of the supply chain,  the P3483 has to be run again and again (without clearing files) until you get to the end (lowest level) of the supply  chain.


There are reports of other strange occurrences when MRP is not set up correctly. However, our main goal is to advise you that MRP will flow and produce what you need with the correct setup.


To find more information on Branch/Plant Relationships, review Branch Plant Relationships P3403 (Doc ID 782525.1).


Should you have any questions, remember that we are here.