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You are in the middle of migrating and converting data from World to E1 and despite watching your checklist some files and programs get past you!


An example for data migration that might come up missing? World EDI file F4780 -Trading Partner Master to E1 table F4780 Trading Partner Master - Aren't these tables the same? Isn't there a conversion program?


Look no further!


What are Customer Master EDI Fields (EDCI, EDII, EDAD and EDQD) Used For? (Doc ID 2007249.1)


What is Address Cross-Reference (P4780) used for and can it be accessed from a menu?


Note: The program in EnterpriseOne is similar to the World Trading Partner Master P4780 (F4780 file) but does not have all of the functionality. See EDI Enhancement for Trading Partner Master P4780 (Doc ID 2151577.1) for release A9.2. There is no World to E1 Migration Conversion program for the P4780. The F4780 will need to be manually migrated.


Always search in MOS using key search terms such as program number and table for both World and EnterpriseOne searches. And... most importantly, whether it's Supply Chain, Financials or other systems contact the World Technical and EnterpriseOne Migrations teams to help determine those errant files and programs.


Best of luck on the conversion!

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