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As hard as we all try, no matter what we do, our days can become hectic. Your day can begin with wondering where you set your coffee cup down at or, if you ran the dream writer that prints purchase orders for example. Then, as you ponder these questions, someone else asks if manufacturing accounting was run or not.


We cannot help you locate your coffee cup but we can help you to determine if your manufacturing accounting job was run or not.


The one thing that these jobs have in common is that they all have an associated dream writer. In order to determine if the dream writer was run or not, there is a handy way to find out if it ran without having to hunt down the report or the output.


Just follow these simple steps:

  1. From a command line, simply type in VL (versions list) and enter the Form ID (program number). Or, if you don't have a command line, go to the menu and menu item that displays the list of dream writers for your job.
  2. Once the screen displays all of the dream writers, look in the far right hand side of the screen for the field Last Chg (Change) Date. Press F5 (function key 5)
    and voilá! the column now displays the Last Exc (executed) Date.


The Last Exc Date will tell you the last date that the dream writer was launched. Not only does it display the dream writer you are looking for, but also displays the date that all of the dream writers were last run. If the date doesn't match today's date then the job did not run today.


Try it now!

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