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Do you want to determine if a program will accommodate a specific process or procedure? If yes, be sure and review all the Option exits and/or Function keys for the program. You might be pleasantly surprised to find functionality you didn't know existed.


After supporting the JDE World Distribution applications for 20+ years, I am often delighted to stumble upon inconspicuous functionality. For example, a customer recently posed a question regarding how to issue quantity for all components that comprise a kit using the Inventory Issues program (P4112). My initial thought was that there was no such functionality, aside from manually entering each component on the video. After reviewing the function keys and option exits, I was thrilled to find function key F10, which allows you to inquire on the Bill of Material (BOM) and pull all kit components back to V4112.


Here are some of my favorite function keys and option exits in the World Distribution applications that I have discovered over the years:


  • Voucher Match (P4314) - If you press F9 immediately after matching an order, the program will re-display the order/voucher information. I was elated to come across this functionality after years of re-inquiring on the order number after performing a match.
  • Enter Receipts (P4312) - If you press F13 immediately after performing a receipt, you can see the journal entries created for the transaction. Keep in mind that you can only view the journal entries immediately after the receipt transaction takes place.
  • Sales Order Entry (P4211) - If you enter option 8 on an order line just before you create an order, the program disregards any information entered on the line and refrains from adding it to the order. This comes in handy when you add a line to a sales order only to have the program generate an error indicating the item number doesn't exist.
  • Shipment Confirmation (P4205) - As of the World A9.2 Release, you can enter option 10 to reverse a shipment. Option 10 won't display in the Available Options window unless you have the processing option set to Display the Shipped Mode field AND you are inquiring on a previously shipped order. For more information, see DOC ID 633457.1: How to Reverse Ship Confirmation of a Sales Order.


If there is a program you utilize frequently, it might behoove you to look at all the available function keys and option exits. You can press F24 from any program to see all the available function keys. You can press F1 in the Option field (assuming there are individual records that display on the video) to see all available option exits. You might be tickled to find functionality you didn't know was there.

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