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Recently, we have had an influx of service requests regarding ending dates in World Manufacturing & Distribution. Therefore, let's review the information together so everyone knows.


Back in 2010, JDE introduced a program Effective Thru Date Update (P4028) that runs over 70+ data files where Effective Thru Dates and Expiration Dates are changed for Manufacturing and Distribution programs. The data dictionary field #CYR can be changed to the year of your choice as long as you follow the 100 year rule principal. When running the P4028, the files listed in UDC 40/EF are updated to include a new Effective Thru Date so that your data does not expire.


Even though this program has been available for many years, we still see customers that have not run the Effective Thru Date Update. The sooner that this program is run, the less likely issues will exist with invalid Effective Thru Dates and Expiration Dates in M&D. The ending date can include but is not limited to, Contract Completion Dates, Lot Expiration Dates, Effective Thru Dates and Temperature Expiration Dates. 


This program works with two UDC tables and contains two processing options which is explained on Effective-Thru Dates and #CYR (Doc ID 656831.1).


Ending dates can be manually populated or leaving an ending blank in many M&D programs automatically defaults to December 31st with the year based on the data dictionary item #CYR. If you are unable to access the data dictionary to see how #CYR is set, go to your test environment and add a new component to a bill of material leaving the Effective Thru Date blank or add a new Item Cross-Reference (10/G41112) for example. Inquire back on your entry and press F4 to open the fold. You will see the date of December 31, 20XX. Whatever XX is populated with is how your #CYR is defined.


You can also convert your own data files if required. Simply amend the corresponding UDC tables and add your information.

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