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Many customers are not aware of the differences between Subcontract Management in World when compared to EnterpriseOne. There are of course many similarities, but it is these differences that require Subcontract data in World to first be converted prior to migrating the data over to EnterpriseOne.


Let’s take a look at some of these differences and similarities.

  • In World, Subcontract Management is System 44 and is separate from the Purchasing system whereas in EnterpriseOne, Subcontract Management is part of Purchasing, system 43.
  • In World, Subcontract orders are created using the P44001 - Subcontract Entry and P4402 - Commitment Revisions programs.  This is not the case in EnterpriseOne where Subcontracts are created using the P4311 - Enter Purchase Orders program.
  • One similarity is that both systems create records for Subcontract orders in the F4301 & F4311 files/tables, however the records are not populated the same for a handful of fields.
    • For example, World Subcontract orders do not have Last/Next Status Codes whereas EnterpriseOne Subcontracts will have a value in the PDLTTR & PDNXTR fields.
    • The conversion process will use information entered in the processing options to add the appropriate Last and Next Status Code values to the World files so that once migrated to EnterpriseOne, they can be further processed to create receipts and/or vouchers.


These are some of the differences dealt with by P44980 - Subcontract Conversion - World to EnterpriseOne.


Previously, document Subcontract Conversion from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne (Doc ID 625616.1) has provided the majority of the information and instruction available to assist you in this data conversion. This document has been updated over time to contain new, expanded information, however the process can still be confusing. In addition, this document was originally written for the A7.3 release so a good portion of the information in document would not pertain to you if you are on World A9.4 for example.


To hopefully clear up any confusion related to these differences, similarities and to offer more in depth instruction for the migration process, document Preparing World A9.4 Subcontracts for Conversion to EnterpriseOne (Case Study) (Doc ID 2397295.1) is now available.


This document offers explanation as to:

  • Why this conversion process is required
  • What prerequisites need to be validated
  • Which file ‘Triggers’ are needed and offers the commands to check for, add or delete these triggers
  • Provides step by step instructions for determining processing option settings


So if you are currently in the process of a migration, planning a migration or just considering a move from World to EnterpriseOne and you use World Subcontract Management, please review and become familiar with Preparing World A9.4 Subcontracts for Conversion to EnterpriseOne (Case Study) (Doc ID 2397295.1).  Use this as your guide through the process of setting the P44980 Subcontract Conversion - World to EnterpriseOne program correctly for successful conversion of your World A9.4 Subcontract data so that it can be then be migrated to your EnterpriseOne environment.

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