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Hopefully this information is reviewed before you ever encounter the situation when all your closed work orders are magically reopened. In case you do not know, launching Order Processing (P31410) and changing the Dream Writer Data Selection for the parameter 'Order Number' to *ALL, can reopen all closed work orders. This can occur when your data selection is not defined to look at a specific Work Order Status (data dictionary item SRST)  equal to 10, in the following files:


Work Order Header    (F4801)

Work Order Parts List (F3111)

Work Order Routing    (F3112)

Item Location              (F41021)

Production Cost          (F3102)


(Additional files are also updated however, the five largest files are listed above.)


Should this ever happen to you, there are only two options for correcting your manufacturing data. The two options are:

  1. Shut down all activity in Manufacturing & Distribution and restore from your production data backup.
  2. Reset all work orders to the correct status manually or via SQL and running Repost Open Orders program (P3190) to reset your commitments.


The largest cause for closed work orders reopening is running Order Processing wide open data selecting on Order Number = *ALL. Therefore, changing one setting in the data selection will prevent *ALL from ever being used for the Order Number.


To update your P31410's Data Selection, follow these steps:

  1. Select option 2 to the left of your Dream Writer.
  2. Select option 1 to the left of Data Selection Value(s) in the window DREAM Writer Menu (P98300W).
  3. Locate the Order Number parameter.
  4. Press F4 to open the fold of the Data Selection.
  5. Located on the far right hand side in the fold is the field: Allow *ALL:
  6. If this field contains a Y, change it to an N to prevent *ALL from ever being used.


Once the field 'Allow *ALL:' has been changed to an N and a user tries to select Order Number = *ALL, error 0113 - Invalid Selection (*ALL), generates forever more.


Additionally, any Dream Writer can be updated in any parameter within a Data Selection to not use *ALL. This feature is not just limited to Order Processing (P31410).

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