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The PM History & Completion program (P12071) is used to change the status to 99 for preventative maintenance (PM) actions. It can also update the status on assigned work orders to completed based on a processing option setting. The program is on the Equipment/Plant Maintenance menu (G1315). To set up the order activity rules navigate to the Work Order / Service Billing Setup menu (G4841) and select the Work Order Activity Rules program (P4826). Inquire on the Order Type and verify the closed status is listed in the Other Allowed Statuses for:

  • The status the WO is at before closing.
  • The work order status (far left column).


Then check the PM History & Completion program (P12071), processing option 6, to confirm that this processing option is active to update the status of the assigned work order.


Enter a '1' to update the status on the assigned work order.


The other option is to have the Work Order Activity Rules set to update the PM Schedule by having the maintenance status 99 in the fold of the work order closed status.  When the user closes the work order in Work Order Entry (P48011), the PM Schedule is automatically closed with a 99 and a new PM Schedule is created at status 01.

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