How many times have you looked at your frozen standard cost and asked yourself why does this cost look so high? Or, for that matter, why does the cost look so low?


Beginning with A9.3.0.2 and above, the capability to display cost changes in history is now available.  A new video ‘Item Cost Component History’ (V30026H) has been added and if you prefer, you can also print out these changes in a report.


The file storing the cost changes is the Cost Component Add-Ons History (F30026H) which was also added as of A9.3.0.2 in an enhancement for the manufacturing costing module in order to help Cost Accountants keep a history of standard cost changes.


To access the history display, from the Enter/Change Cost Components screen (2/G3014) inquire on an item and press the function key F9. The Item Cost Component History (P30026H) displays which includes a column for action code types such as A for a cost addition or new cost, C for a cost change or D for cost deleted. The data displayed is in descending date order (newest date first) and is sorted alphabetically by cost type.  If user selects option 1 from the P30026H the audit information window for each transaction listed is shown, as well as the program ID of the record that made the update, work station id, address book number of person making the change along with the time and date that the change was made.


If you prefer to print the history information, pressing function key F21 from the Item Cost Component History creates the spool file J30026HS where the R30026HP may be selected for print or review for the specific item being inquired upon.  In addition, a new batch report resides for the Item Cost Component History. This report is located on the menu Periodic Product Costing, menu G3023 and menu item 7 - Item Cost Component History (P30026HP).