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In Document Troubleshooting General Inventory (Doc ID 1552907.1), section Miscellaneous Issue 1 it states that the 2720 error will be resolved if you 'have both the current and the next fiscal years set up and we suggest that five years are created in this calendar and two years back.'


You have these past and future date patterns set for your company and yet you still receive the 2720 error when inquiring in the P4115 - Buyer's Information program.  Why are you still getting this error?


The 2720 error may still be generated even though you have the required past and future years set up in your Company Date Pattern Revisions.  This situation can occur when the Default Value of Data Dictionary Data Item #CYR is set with too low a value.  The default value in #CYR determines the last year of a floating 100 year window.   This is a newly discovered reason for the 2720 error and as a result information specific to this situation has been added to document 1552907.1.


Please be aware that when you change your #CYR Default Value you then need to run the P4028 - Effective Thru Date Update as noted in document 656831.1. The P4028 will update effective through dates of your existing records.


For more information related to #CYR, see document Effective-Thru Dates and #CYR P4028 (Doc ID 656831.1) and Effective-Thru Date and #CYR (P4028) FAQ (Doc ID 2355169.1).

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