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It is fall and most of us are dreaming of that steamy pumpkin pie and apple cider. It is also toward the end of the calendar year so it is time to clean up payroll data for end of year. This process is similar to deep cleaning your house. We all know that if we pick things up daily, then when the deep cleaning time occurs, there is less work to be done. The same is true with cleaning payroll data prior to the end of the year. This way, when you are ready to process your year end for your employees, the data will be squeaky clean.


Why would your payroll data need cleaning? There are many reasons that your data might be out of sync:

  • You might have made an adjustment to a certain employee records and now the summary/detail files are no longer the same.
  • You might have acquired a new company and processed payroll prior to receiving the corporate tax ID. Now you have history records with blank/incorrect tax ID and one with the correct tax ID. 
  • The infamous power outage right in the middle of your final update of your payroll might have caused the out of sync in some of the history files.
  • You created a manual check and you overrode the taxes but the gross wages didn’t come across to history the way you wanted. Just to list a few.

How can you find out if your data need cleaning?

There are a few integrity reports you can run to identify the errors for your data.

  • For U.S. payroll, access the Data Integrity & Global Updates located on menu G0731. Create and run both of these integrity reports: Taxation History F06136 (067011) and Payroll Month PDBAs F06146 (067021).
  • For Canadian payroll, access the Data Integrity & Global Updates located on menu G7731.  Create and run both of these versions: Taxation History F0713 (J077011) and Payroll Month PDBAs    F06146 (J077021). Additionally, Canadian payroll also has an EI (Employment Insurance) integrity report that you can run on menu G77311.

These integrity reports will provide you with a list of errors if any discrepancies are found. If no errors are produced, then your data are clean. If you need to know what each of the errors means or how to correct the errors, please see Payroll Tax History Integrity Report (Doc ID 645601.1) for more detail.

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