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JD Edwards World Release A9.3 (including A9.3.1)

  • The last day of Premier Support is March 31, 2020. Release A9.3/A9.3.1 will have ongoing Sustaining Support for access to our Global Services team, as well as access to existing fixes.


JD Edwards World Release A9.4

  • Provides Premier Support and updates until 2022 and Extended Support through 2025.


Where is this documented for customers?

The Lifetime Support Policy

You are not entering an alternate universe and you are invited!


Many of you contact JDE and ask questions about E1 functionality and this opportunity is for you.


Any World customers interested may attend an E1 presentation at INFOCUS. If you are wanting to learn and understand more about vouchering or compare functionality for upgrades pertaining to JDE E1 Vouchering AP & Procurement, we invite you to...



Aug 20-22, 2019

Sheraton Downtown Denver - Denver, CO

Thursday, Aug 22 from 8-9am MTN



Will see you there!!!

Pricing, Pricing Pricing in JD Edwards World. It's on always on the to do list as must always evolve and maintenance your pricing to keep up with the business.

It is not always easy to search on all the related pricing topics to learn set up, FAQ's and Troubleshooting.
To help with searching and to jump start your research, see the list below of the main documents related to pricing.


  • Overview of Base Pricing in Sales (Doc ID 626798.1)
  • Base Pricing and Units of Measure in Sales Orders (Doc ID 1125196.1)
  • Comparison of Base, Standard, and Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 626661.1)
  • Advanced Pricing for Markups and Discounts (Doc ID 626729.1)
  • FAQ Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 1573202.1)
  • Troubleshooting Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 1573469.1)
  • World A9.3 Enhancements to Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 1451682.1)
  • Basket and Order Repricing in Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 636432.1)
  • Preference Profiles in Sales (Doc ID 626656.1) - Review for Pricing Information (Pricing UOM, Price Codes 1,2,3, Adjustment Schedule)
  • Credit Orders and Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 626770.1)
  • Free Goods In Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 626677.1)
  • Rebate Adjustments in Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 626768.1)
  • Accruals in Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 626740.1)
  • Automatic Accounting Instructions for Distribution (AAI DMAAI) (Doc ID 626758.1)
  • Advisor Webcast: JD Edwards World -Troubleshooting Advanced Pricing [Video] (Doc ID 2172903.1)
  • Advisor Webcast: Advanced Pricing Free Good & Reprice Adjustment Enhancements in Release A9.3 (Doc ID 1477352.1)
  • Information Center: JD Edwards World Advanced Pricing (Doc ID 1590104.2)
  • Troubleshooting Pricing Problems (Doc ID 626705.1)

Documentation Guide


If you find more is needed, we are here to help. Call Global Customer Support for assistance.

Does JD Edwards E1 / Electronic Commerce (EDI) function the same as World EDI? Are the programs and files the same? Does E1 have Flex Accounting and how does it differ from JDE World? Does the World A/R post program differ from E1?

What about all those files and fields? Do they all migrate from World to E1? Can you tell me if something will not migrate?


It is hard to know all the differences and pertinent information between World and E1. Just when you think you have got it, oops, there is one you have missed inadvertently. If you have gone searching in My Oracle Support (MOS) and come up dry, try these options for more assistance.

  • World Upgrade Resources / Oracle Technical Catalog 
    • Be sure to accept the disclaimer and navigate between World and E1 in the catalog to review what may be different by objects and system codes and create reports of the information.
  • Call Oracle Global Customer Support - 1.800.223.1711 or create a SR online.
    • Remember: You may be questioning functionality in any system from Supply Chain, Tech to Financials. State the exact program, files, and fields in the SR. Support can assist you as more efficiently with the specific information.
    • Each Support area can discuss what exists or does not exist in each software. If you need more technical assistance on how data is migrated from any World JDE system to E1, contact World Tech. They can always ask their counterparts in Applications for assistance on specific system information.


The best part... Contact us anytime; we are here to help!

Blog time again and thinking a history lesson might be different!


ECS - Energy Chemical Systems


If you need a bit of background history on ECS for World Software, there is a new MOS Document out.


Have a look at ECS History From A7.3 to Current Release - ECS Programs, and Files (Doc ID 2411328.1)

You are in the middle of migrating and converting data from World to E1 and despite watching your checklist some files and programs get past you!


An example for data migration that might come up missing? World EDI file F4780 -Trading Partner Master to E1 table F4780 Trading Partner Master - Aren't these tables the same? Isn't there a conversion program?


Look no further!


What are Customer Master EDI Fields (EDCI, EDII, EDAD and EDQD) Used For? (Doc ID 2007249.1)


What is Address Cross-Reference (P4780) used for and can it be accessed from a menu?


Note: The program in EnterpriseOne is similar to the World Trading Partner Master P4780 (F4780 file) but does not have all of the functionality. See EDI Enhancement for Trading Partner Master P4780 (Doc ID 2151577.1) for release A9.2. There is no World to E1 Migration Conversion program for the P4780. The F4780 will need to be manually migrated.


Always search in MOS using key search terms such as program number and table for both World and EnterpriseOne searches. And... most importantly, whether it's Supply Chain, Financials or other systems contact the World Technical and EnterpriseOne Migrations teams to help determine those errant files and programs.


Best of luck on the conversion!

AdvisorWebcast.pngWhat are some gotchas when Upgrading in the Supply Chain systems?


On November 7, 2017 at 10 a.m., a web advisor is being presented, Upgrading World Supply Chain to A9.4 - Things to Think About.

Common Issues are being discussed and how they may affect your upgrade.


This should be posted to JD Edwards World Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archived Recordings (Doc ID 1455377.1) shortly.


Look forward to seeing you there!

Jane D-Oracle

Bugs, Objects And GSUs

Posted by Jane D-Oracle Feb 23, 2017

Searching for Bugs for Objects in MOS and having trouble?


JD Edwards World offers Code Changes for Bugs for each of its releases. For its higher releases, there are Group Software Updates (GSU’s) as well. GSUs are large groups of code changes for all objects that may be downloaded in order to make the release current. The benefit of a GSU is you do not have to figure out what code changes are needed for each objects; they are already grouped.  The benefit of a code change is the ability to apply the code without having to affect an entire release and all its objects, only one or a few objects.


If you have trouble searching My Oracle Support (MOS) for Bugs & Objects for the World releases search for the text ‘Bugs & Objects’. Documents are written into excel spreadsheets and can be sorted to view bugs.


Just as a reminder, use the following documents to assist in searches along with MOS searches for bugs and GSUs.


JD Edwards World A9.4 Bugs & Objects (Doc ID 2005948.1)

JD Edwards World A9.3 Bugs and Objects(Doc ID 1467451.1)

JD Edwards World A9.2 Bugs and Objects (Doc ID 746132.1)

JD Edwards World A9.1 SARs and Objects (Doc ID 745797.1)

JD Edwards World POST A8.1 CU 06 and A7.3 CU 16 Bugs and Objects (Doc ID 746699.1)

JD Edwards World A7.3 and A8.1 SARs and Objects (Doc ID 746698.1)


Information on Software Updates Available for JD Edwards World A9.3(Doc ID 1500570.1)

Master Note: Considerations for All Applications After A9.3 Upgrade and A9.3 Update 1(Doc ID 1465427.1)

Finding Information in Oracle… can be hard at times but there are many easy ways to help alleviate the work in searching for answers. You can also ensure better searches in My Oracle Support (MOS) and help with understanding and accuracy for service requests.

  • When logging service requests provide a clear, concise description of the issue including all detailed steps to duplicate.
  • Add attachments with screen shots of the program name and number as well as related files in excel format / joblogs and dump in .txt format to help in understanding and clarification of an issue.
  • Has the issue also been tested in the TEST environment against the JDFOBJ (pristine) object and is the issue still able to be replicated?
  • Search My Oracle Support to find answers – Use Key Words to find several types of documents
    • Include a program name/number and related error numbers when searching
  • Also include in your search criteria...
    • Type ‘FAQ’ – Frequently Asked Questions document for topic/program
    • Type ‘Troubleshooting’ – Troubleshooting document for topic/program
    • Type ‘Bulletin’ – Detailed information document on topic/program
    • Type ‘Information Center’ – Shows groups of documents for JDE systems (Ex. Sales, Procurement Information Center)
  • If trying to further understand how to use My Oracle Support and getting it to work well for you, use Oracle Premier Support: Get Proactive! (Doc ID 432.1).
  • Use website when looking for more on JDE including documentation guides  and click a variety of helpful links if you are a JDE User / Admin / business user or Executive.
  • Use Communities to find answers and conversations regarding topics

How To Get Started In My Oracle Support Communities and Follow JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World Communities(Doc ID 1561246.1)


We look forward to assisting you!

Vertex is a 3rd party tax system that links to JD Edwards. The geocode from Vertex indicates what tax should be applied to a transaction. This can be a straight tax or a tax with a Tax Decision Maker table (TDM table) applied.


If you run Vertex Sales Tax with JD Edwards World (JDE) for your taxes and transact internationally, you may wonder how the system handles taxes with foreign entities. Foreign Entities means any business outside of the U.S. and Canada. So... what about those ‘foreign entities’ and their taxes? How does Vertex handle this set up?


Vertex does not define GeoCodes for non-U.S. or non-Canadian jurisdictions and does not maintain tax rates for these jurisdictions. You will need to know the correct tax rates for the rest of the world but you can add this information into Vertex. Vertex allows the creation of foreign GeoCodes, each beginning with value = 77 (in the state part). Once a geocode is set up, a Vertex Override table to maintain tax rates for each foreign taxing authority may be added to the Vertex system.


For a simple overview on setting up a TDM for Override Table review Vertex: TDMs (Tax Decision Maker) (Doc ID 626692.1). To understand TDM set up with foreign entities more fully contact Vertex Support. The customer support number for Vertex is 800.281.1900. 

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.