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Oracle UPK Professional is an easy-to-use and comprehensive content development, deployment, and maintenance platform for increasing project, program, and user productivity. By rapidly producing materials tailored for all phases of the software lifecycle from test scripts, system process documents, and interactive simulations, to job aids, instructor manuals, presentations, and in-application performance support, Oracle User Productivity Kit can reduce overall software implementation and maintenance cost.


Prebuilt Content for JD Edwards World is available: World A9.3 (PDF). Use the UPK prebuilt content as a beginning for process documentation and training aides, and you can also utilize the UPK Developer to easily customize the content to match your organization’s needs.


For more information on UPK or links to access UPK demos, please review: User Productivity Kit (UPK) for JD Edwards World.

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On April 21, 2015, Oracle JD Edwards announces the  general availability of JD Edwards World A9.4, a major new release for the JD Edwards World product line.  Included in JD Edwards World Release A9.4 is a new expense management solution. JD Edwards World Expense Management applications enable companies to manage all employe expenses including expense entry, approval, and reporting.


      • In addition, new expense categories for purchase card management automatically update employees’ transactions with the correct accounting information based on the expense category entered, simplifying the data entry process. 
      • Expense management approvals are supported by approval rules for your organization so that any expense transaction requiring an approval can be completed with the appropriate authority.


Other JD Edwards World A9.4 Application Enhancements


      • Cost and Variance Capture by Work Center enables manufacturer to control profitability. Cost variances can now be defined, tracked and analyzed by work center, not just by cost components. Variances can be analyzed by work center to facilitate corrective action when required.
      • Forecast Consumption by Customer improves forecasting and requirements planning accuracy. Forecasts can now be defined and consumed by customer based on actual sales and shipments. Companies who need more granular rather than aggregated values gain better insight into actual daily demand.
      • Encumbrance and Commitment Accounting usability enhancements improve the tracking and auditing of commitments and encumbrances when purchase orders are cancelled, highlighting potential discrepancies in the commitment/encumbrance ledger.
      • To improve the recording, reporting, and reconciling of tax information between Sales Order Management and Accounts Receivable, Procurement and Accounts Payable, new tax fields were added to both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. These new fields support the detailed tax information that Sales Order Management and Procurement supply.
      • User-defined data may now be added to the General Ledger Detail file (F0911).
      • To meet Spain’s legislative requirements, Modelo 347 has been updated to support all companies with an annual turnover amount of more than 3,005 Euros with any given third party (customer or supplier).
      • JD Edwards World continues to monitor possible security threats and provides security software updates to address these threats and to adhere to Oracle’s Security and Compliance policies.


For detailed information on what’s included in A9.4, please visit our A9.4 Documentation Library and the Upgrade Tab of     

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